The official CrossFit is as good as Bodybuilding thread.

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Rockclimber, Apr 11, 2019.

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    Now that I have your attention :D
    The title sounds humorous I know. Obviously I chose this title to get your attention, however after three months in a CrossFit box I have to say that CrossFit is pretty fucking amazing for bodybuilding. Some quick disclaimers before I move on. The box I am at is not affiliated with Crossfit I guess they didn't want to pay the fees or whatever. It's basically a high intensity interval training program with Olympic lifting as the primary focus with a secondary focus on cardio.

    Yesterday's workout was simple:
    15 reps Powerclean
    15 reps incline bench
    15 toe touches each side
    250m run

    You repeated this three times and then recorded your time. The fastest time wins. Most people knocked it out in about 20 to 30 minutes it took me a solid 45 minutes because I'm still new to it. I also powercleaned 265 where as a lot of the guys in there were doing the recommended 205 or less. I guess you can say I'm doing a mix of bodybuilding and Crossfit still.

    The workout the day before was similar in that it was a full body workout as well only it worked more of the obliques and deltoids. It's really brutal trying to do this 5 days in a row, CrossFit is just Olympic lifting followed by some Sprints or rowing. I'm not sure why bodybuilders don't like crossfit? Maybe it's because my gym is not affiliated with Crossfit and therefore I haven't had to drink the real Kool-Aid.

    I love how my gym focuses on squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, power cleans, clean and press, clean and jerk, etc. I've never had bumper plates that I could drop like this so I'm absolutely in heaven being able to drop these things from above my head. I wish I'd gotten into Olympic lifting earlier in my life this is you so much damn fun. Okay let the hateful comments commence! :D
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    That cross fit shit will destroy your joints!
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    My issue with crossfit is the "racing" aspect with complex olympic lifts. You are just asking for injury. No one should be trying to time themselves with such lifts. It's one thing to try and knock out 50 bodyweight pushups or burpees in 2 minutes or whatever. Leave the olympic lifts out of the timed workouts. Focus should be on form.
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    @Millard Baker shut this shit down before a CrossFit coup d'etat happens on Meso!

    I follow Dana Lynn Bailey on IG... She just started doing CrossFit a bit. Keep in mind, she's been a hardcore lifter, trainer and competitor for years. One CrossFit workout and she's in the hospital a few days later for Rhabdo.

    I agree that the speed factor can lead to form breakdown, racing almost encourages it. I think it can be avoided though...
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    So today I went to the Box squatted 405 for a few sets before the CrossFit session. All the dudes in there were floored at how heavy that was... I just sort of LOL

    Today's 21 minute AMRAP session was:
    Air squats
    Kettlebell swings
    More abs

    No wonder these guys think 405 is a lot, they're constantly doing bodyweight squats. That said I think I came in last again, these guys just have so much more cardio capacity than I do. I'm sure I'll get there at some point but I'm not going to give up on my bodybuilding routine in the meantime. I'm going to keep growing.
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    It's too late, you're already drinking the kool-aide, you train at "the box" ....there is no turning back now, someone get me a silver bullet or a stake for this daywalker!!
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    I thought what the heck and bought a 3 day pass for $50 at a crossfit center near me and whoa the routine floored me fast. Guess I am way too old for crossfit :oops:

    What knocked me back down to the floor was the monthly fee: $175. Insane!
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    Ok, in all reality, there are concepts in crossfit that can be utilized in bodybuilding training also. The first concept is the tonnage system, where you generate more intensity and force output in a given timeframe. This creates a larger and stronger body. Second concept is full body training which can be useful in bodybuilding at times. U stimulate a muscle just enough to respond but not overkill.

    I'd have to honestly say that crossfit is good for getting in shape fast and it produces some pretty hot women.

    But my whole training philosophy revolves around time under tension , not speedwork. Crossfit just isn't as safe to perform as slow and controlled reps utilizing 100% time under tension. The kipping pullups are not a maximum lat contraction, the pressing isn't a maximum shoulder contraction . It's a dangerous way to lift at times and for every Rich Froning (who I actually admire) 100,000 others look like shit.

    But the level of pussy crossfit produces cannot be discredited. I say to use parts of it in your own training but don't buy all of it. There is something to be said for slow muscular contractions and not running around like a chicken with ur head cut off!!!
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  10. ...wake me up when they drop the weightlifting platform in between the salmon ladder and the warped wall.
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    I have no problem with Crossfit as long as you don't push past form breakdown, do use good form in the first place and don't do the retarded bosu ball, single-leg squat shit.

    It's "functional" if your goal is a torn ACL.

    That style of training isn't intrinsically bad. It's just a matter of programming intelligently.
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    Yeah, those kipping pullups are nonsense. I still do strict pullups even though my time is slower. Everyone in my box can do muscle ups except for me. I've tried several times even with bands and it's just impossible. Anyone else here able to do muscle ups?

    I think my box might be more oly lifting focused than a normal crossfit box. We are always deadlifting, like at least 2x a week and always doing power cleans and hang cleans etc. Full body workouts are growing my traps pretty quickly. Arm growth has stopped as there is no arm work, it's all complex presses. I am so sore every day, I actually feel sick for hours after the workout. My wife quit a few months ago, she said crossfit was not for her. I'm going to keep at it until my oly lifts improve. Thinking at least 315 for powerclean 495 back squat. This week I did 265 powerclean and 405 squat so I'm sort of close to my goals.
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    So Friday's workout was awesome. Really heavy weights, the deadlift took several sets to get through all 10 reps. This 160lb guy was deadlifting 460lbs. Damn.

    4 sets of
    10x deadlift
    10x DB rows
    10x chinups
    10x abs

    I feel like my body is actually growing like crazy because of CrossFit. I was on DNP for 2 cycles. Dropped a shit ton of body fat and I still weigh 241.
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    Do you still do traditional BBing? I am so bored and want another physical hobby. I've been thinking of maybe taking some cross fit classes at night, would doing one or two a week fuck up your rotation?
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    To be honest the CrossFit sessions are so Brutal I come home and have to lay down in bed for an hour. We're doing heavy heavy Olympic lifting and between sets instead of resting for 1 or 2 minutes we run or row. It's the most intense workout ever.
    I went into this thinking I would do bodybuilding a few days a week but it's impossible, I'm totally wrecked all week just from crossfit.
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    Are you on cycle? It's still that hard to recover?
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    I was off for a while because I had to go to Germany for vacation excetera but I just started back up. Hopefully it will help me recover but it actually seems to be harder because I'm so much heavier on cycle.
    I'm at 246 now and calipers show me 10% body fat. The electronic machine at the doctor's office shows me at 10% also. I don't believe it though I can't see my abs. Everyone disagrees and says it's not all about if you can see your abs or not but that is sort of the gold standard in my opinion.
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    I went out and drank last night so today I skipped the Murph workout everyone was doing. If you're not familiar with what a crossfit workout is here is what the Murph workout is...

    Put on a plate carrier with 20 lb of weight.
    Run 1 mile
    100 pull-ups
    200 push-ups
    300 air squats
    Run 1 mile
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    Everyone I know that either does or has done CrossFit has had serious injuries. Nah...I’m good with BB fam.
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    Very true, I hear that a lot. I think the reason is they have you doing these complex Olympic lifts for Speed and most of these people doing these lifts have no bodybuilding or powerlifting experience so they hurt themselves trying to clean and press 135. I don't see myself getting hurt because the weights are extremely light for me... for anyone on meso. I think most here would say 135 is light for overhead press aka military press but in crossfit 135 is king, a lot of men do 95 lbs for overhead press. Eventually they think they are ready for a big plate on each side and then pop goes the shoulder trying to press 135.
    I would recommend bodybuilding or powerlifting for a minimum of two or three years before joining CrossFit. I think doing that your chance of injury goes down significantly.