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    Fake News...
  2. "Good day" ok.... Bye then.
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    Few things that proves you are getting paid for this
    Number 1, you joined PM 3 days ago, and somehow your first post in all bodybuilding boards are hgh blood test
    Takes a lot to go to one board to make your first post about hgh, not even about anabolics, basic things
    So where did you find TP? Or
    It looks u are in that board with a second account
    Then you go to bop and post under TP subforum your score, but there u can’t upload files yet, someone brought the attention you are new and only have 1 post on bop
    So you joined all boards to make your first post ever blood test from a big hgh supplier
    There’s no trace of you ever doing anything else
    So your first post to add to these communities was blood test
    No introduction, no history of you
    Just this
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  4. Incorrect. Have been a member on PM for a couple of months. I have a thread on Superior Muscle. Go investigate their before stating your facts
  5. Screenshot_20181015-093055.png
  6. Here's a post I made back before starting, whilst still researching, and you will see the same on SM.

    Look, I realise it looks suspicious, and ive been following the "hi we are hghpro" thread ever since it began, so i can see why people are suspicious, as that turned out to be a mess.
    Im simply an newbie , who joined forums a few months ago when i decided to try GH. I was originally going to buy with Select , then on SM, there was lots of people testing blood with no increase in igf-1, various issues, and then finally Select was removed as a Sponsor. During this time i heard good things about TP, and eventually got his email . I wanted to make sure i tested the product, so i drove to London to have my baseline IGF-1 (250 in July a a shown in the Medichecks report). After about a month or 2 after this test, i started the Grey Tops, and then had them tested again, same labs. The results are from 5iu, as that was what i was taking for the week / 10 days before testing . So an average of 80 points increase per iu, which i realise is good, but not unheard of.

    I have not, repeat have not been paid to post them, i always said i would test and post igf-1 scores, and this is shown on my Bop post, and SM thread. Obviously when i got the results back, i was pleased, and wanted to share them.

    I emailed tp , telling him my scores, and he asked me to post them on BOP, and PM, and also asked if i could test his Mauve Tops, if he send me a free batch. I agreed. Bare in mind the blood tests are over £100 with travel, so not exactly free.

    So thats the story. In hindsight , i should have said this first, but i simply gave the blood results. Im not overly bothered, i just see lots of people ask for IGF-1 bloods, and i wanted to for myself.

    Once again i understand why people might been suspicious, especially after following the "hi we are hghpro" thread, but the abuse etc is just a bit weird.

    I've asked the forum manager/owner to delete this thread , as it has not been what i expected.

    So there is it, that's my story.
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  8. My thread on SM.
  9. Having said that, "Donald Pump"...... GO FUCK YOURSELF
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    @Grundywhiffs01 if you havent noticed yet, this is an unmoderated forum. You cannot delete this thread, nor control what bnb is said in it. So stop with the thought that you can control it. Once its posted it is here to stay. You made your bed now sleep in it.
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    Your first post was bashing TP and you've been trying to push ST as the same grey tops he "used to have" calling them unlabeled Anke Bio.

    You're suspect as fuck.
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    Too many agendas in this thread. Suspiciously high scores. Supertropin pusher. And idiot gaynz who has zero knowledge but doesn't let that stop him from being a know everything. Sorry buddy but the only peptides that will give igf1 scores even close to this are hgh, or straight igf1.
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    Whatever you say Bud
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    If I ever want to push ST
    I will make a thread pushing it, I never had and just had posted the truth and what came out on PM about TP when he made the dick head move of not telling people about his new greys
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    You don't push ST?

    You constantly bash TP's greys while claiming that ST's are his "old greys"

    I could go have 0 agenda, right? Not pushing ST at all -- calling them TP's old greys and calling them Anke Bio...come on, denying it at this point after all you talk about is literally this....well it's just foolish.
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    I don’t deny anything, I had said the facts
    If I had an agenda like this guy, I would had made a thread here in this same section praising ST, putting my blood work which by the way is the prove and evidence that is a good hgh, look all my staring threads and see if u can find one about ST, I started a new Thread under hgh asking members to post their bloods from TP new greys, in that post I do not bash him and want to see the results by members to see how good they are, but y’all love to kiss TP ass and not matter what he do, you all don’t see his BS like this guy creating a post here to promote his new greys with fake blood test, that’s some serious shit y’all have to look at
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    So you specifically make a thread asking for members to post bloods, a member post bloods and because they look good you call them fake?

    Your entire post history from first one to this most recent is a bash TP while praising ST agenda.
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  18. Ask me anything you want about the blood test / results. You seem so certain they're fake. Going from 250-667 on 5iu a day. I thought that is what good GH does?

    You look like a fool
  19. More evidence for you, but im guessing my whole Medichecks account is faked right?? .. Screenshot_20181015-175448.png
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    Damn son! Good work.
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