The repercussions of AAS

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    So I am venturing on my 5th cycle with Primo, Deca, Test, and Anavar. I am running this for 20 weeks and realize after that duration, I may not be able to recover. Every cycle has gotten more difficult to get my sex drive back and get my test back up over 400. This unfortunately is the road I chose. I have a couple of buddies who has fell victim to the same circumstances and 2 have a hard time achieving an erection blasting or cruising. I am deathly afraid of that happening to me. Besides the obvious of quitting and seeing what happens to me, any suggestions or things a person can do to stay a little healthier after fuckin up your natural production? Am I just going to have to eat cialis at 36? For first timers reading this i promise you this game is a lifestyle and comes with many obstacles and hope you research everything before starting. I may only regret it if I am folding my cock in half and trying to shove it her with my fingers. As for right now life couldn’t be better than being “on”!
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    go on trt . you can have your test levels where you want.
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    Thanks. I know you have been in this game for a minute. Do you think I’ll have issues with ED if I do?
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    After 20 years of abusing AAS pretty much non stop with no pct protocol, cialis and viagra will stopped working for me.
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    So it stopped working for you?
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    Run at 800-1200 ng/dl and you will be hard ad a rock 6+ times a day.
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    Bro, I had the most uncontrollable sex drive you could ever imagine before using gear. I kid you not I had sex 1-3 times per day from the age of 16 up until 22 when I started using gear.

    My sex drive has NEVER even been 75% of what it was since then and I am now "late 20s". After experimenting with every single compound, what RUINED ME was; tren, ephedrine, fake prami and completely FUCKING DESTROYING my estrogen with way too much ai.

    I could not get hard after this experiment gone wrong for an entire year... I tried everything, I could get hard after pct, hcg, extended time off natural, 250test, 500 test, 1000 test, NOTHING would work.

    Having completely fucking CRASHED my estrogen repeatedly, I was so lethargic I started using caffeine pills DAILY just to get by at work and university. This then constricted my blood vessels and raised cortisol in my body EXPONENTIALLY thus fucking my sex drive and erections further.

    I was going to kill myself after a year and a half of this... I started getting body fat, lost all my muscle, no endurance, no sex drive and this was after trying everything and completely clean for 5 months... I had no options... After trying over and over again going to this TRT clinics I wasted about 1000 dollars getting dicked around with visits.


    1. Eventually I got a script for TRT 100mgs a week.. This took my sex drive and erections to a 2.5/10 from a 0.
    2. I started taking 12,000 iu's of vitamin D, boron, fish oil pills, L-Tyrosine and citruline malate. This decreased my stress levels and helped to promote blood flow. Sex drive and libido: 3/10
    3. I STOPPED ALL CAFFEINE AND ALL STIMULANTS, this made a HUGE impact, as it stopped constricting the blood flow and raising stress hormone levels. Sex drive and libido: 4/10
    4. I started doing 30-60 minutes of cardio on the bike 4-5 times per week as well as basketball once a week. This also helped to open up my blood vessels, improved my metabolism and helped to increase nutrient absorption from food. Sex drive and libido: 4.5/10
    5. I started eating 80% clean (chicken, rice, spinage, avocado oil, basmati rice) Before, I was a broke ass university student eating garbage and processed foods. Now that I can afford great food since I obtained my career, I no longer have digestive problems. If you have digestion issues the body will create inflammation and as many say, if you have an unhealthy gut it can affect your entire body.
    Sex drive and libido: 5/10
    6. After trying every steroid and compound on earth, I had never tried Proviron. After doing countless hours of research, it does not matter how high your test levels are. If you have a high level of SHBG, it will bind to the testosterone. This means that your testosterone is being held hostage and not being able to go do wha tit needs to do. I started a protocol using 25mg of proviron a day and 50mgs on days I was planning to have sex.
    Sex drive and libido: 6/10
    7. Lastly, but most importantly. I got a prescription for cialis. Before making all these changes, Cialis and viagra WOULD NOT WORK for me. Idc if I dosed it at 300% the average, when my estrogen was crashed or when my natural test never recovered from cycling... this didn't do shit for me. However, I started a protocol of 5mgs per day and 10 mgs on days you plan to have sex. Dude, after this... is conjunction with everything else I CAN FINALLY GET HARD ON COMMAND and I get random boners like I used to. After 3 weeks of this, I no longer need it but I do use maybe 5 mgs twice a week just out of fear of what I previously went through.
    Sex drive and libido: 8/10

    All in all, if you're using gear and you're not blasting and cruising you will lose all your gains (I MEAN ALL OF THEM) and do more damage to your body. Why put yourself through that bullshit? You will never recover fully again, so take it from me... get on TRT, stay jacked year round.

    Good luck friend!
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    I have no words for one of the best posts I ever have read!! I’m going to digest ALL of this and come up with a game plan. I enjoy pinning but thinking about me doing that when I am 50 and 60 seems like a lot of effort. Thanks for the post! I can live without muscles but cannot live without a boner.
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    The only time I ever had a problem was after deca and using ugl pct. Now I keep cycles short and sweet and always get pharma grade ancillaries. The most over looked aspect is blood work. Having a baseline will tell you where you want to be and where you should go back to. I don't use deca anymore and stick mainly to short esters for short cycles. I don't want to go on trt until I absolutely have to. Bottom line is it all comes back to being safe and responsible with a cycle and not going overboard. I recover fine after every cycle and no sex problems at all.
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    increasing your test levels will increase your desire to have sex. if that doesn't work you have to work on the physical aspect such as increasing blood flow thus viagra or cialis , other outside things in your life like stress can also have an effect. I'm older and still have a great sex life.
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    So this was my bloods before I started this cycle. My test was in range but you used to be in the 500’s before. I am very cautious with my use and trying to extend my life not shorten it. Funny thing is I dropped 500 calories on off cycle and worked out the same routine as when I was on cycle. I gained 6lbs of fat and lost almost 3 reps on all my major lifts. 3 weeks back on and I am getting starting to get back where I was. I also have to take in consideration is are these ancillaries and roller coaster of hormones healthier than blasting and cruising. I just hate to work hard and go half way. I also don’t want to married to the needle. I am a strong believer though at 40 most men should do trt anyways so I am at a crossroads. Is 368 a good test range for a 36 year old.. I am not sure.
  12. ironwill1951

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    you have really good bloods.
    your test is on the lower end but acceptable, I understand what you mean about being married to the needle I didn't start trt until I was 58.
    I am lucky I cycled all my life and never did pct I always recovered on my own.
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    I worry that I used my pass go cards and after this cycle I won’t have a choice. I will be lucky to probably see 320 and at that point is it worth trying to get at back?
  14. ironwill1951

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    I wouldn't worry about it obviously from your bloods your doing a good job of staying healthy. just forget about the orals stay with a reasonable test dose and eq or primo and you will increase your chances of being healthy in the long run.
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    Youre doing everything right and responsible and your bloods look real good for already running gear 5 times and being 36. I plan on running gh when Im 40 lol. I personally dont do cycles that long and dont touch deca anymore either. I do believe the longer the cycle the more youre gambling with getting shut down. You still have 4 years till youre 40 so no rush. Last time I ran deca it took me months to fully recover and this was a time we were trying for a baby so wife wasnt to happy with me when the doc told her I had fucked up baby makers that swam in circles.
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    I’m running Deca for 12 weeks but will be running low test and primo for 20 weeks. Hope that’s enough time.
  17. Sugar12

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    For what it's worth, I'm almost 40 and have a serum test level of 196 (just checked a month ago), and literally have no symptoms sexually. Definitely more tired than I used to be but zero issue with erections, sex drive, or blowing loads. I will eventually get on TRT, but not until it becomes an issue.
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    That’s definitely low! Surprised you didn’t want to be on trt!
  19. Kakarot

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    When I got on trt i was at 196 with zero sex issues at 26 just tired all the time. Horny 24-7, last bloods I was at 1100 still horny 24-7 zero issues. The only time I've had issues was on deca but I believe it was from crashing e2. I occasionally take cialis as a preworkout and if I feel like stabbing holes in drywall.;)
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    So my thoughts on this is.. do I just wait till my test doesn’t come back or just start trt? Not sure after 20 weeks recovering is worth waiting out.. I may have bit more than I can chew on this cycle. Primo is awesome for 20 weeks though. I’m only taking 250 a week for test.