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Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by zkt, Oct 7, 2013.

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    My thinking is that as the default deadline approaches the market will continue to decline. Today it climbed by 75 pts early but the DJIA closed -150 or so. Is this a continuing trend?
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    Well the DJI closed up 322 pts, 2% today and its only thursday. This is NOT the time to put money into the market. As the default deadline approaches the people will go into panic mode and the programs will follow. THEN buy buy buy.
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    Up another 100 pts today. Fewer are jumping on the bandwagon now. Patience.
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    The P/E average for the S&P500 is currently 18.32. I feel like there is a lot of hot stocks that represent solid companies (Netflix/Tesla come to mind), but are seriously bloated... Netflix is sitting around $300.00, though they've only increased subscriptions by about 5%/year, yet their stock is up multiples since a year ago.

    I'm just an amateur trader, but I think the patient will wait out to buy low when stocks come down to reasonable valuations, or riskier fucks will get rich shorting.
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    I see this area doesn't get much attention but since I'm in the business I figured I'd chime in.

    2014 is being looked at as another positive year in the stock market. I don't know if anyone could have predicted 2013 was goin to be so good and I don't think we'll have returns that we've had the past few years. But I do believe we will be positive.

    The main issue people are hung up on is "qe" and the debt limit. Yes, if qe ended today the market would collapse. But that's not how to look at it because they're not goin to just end qe. This is goin to take a long long time to unwind. And very small increments. Yes everytime they reduce qe the market will drop temporarily but will pace back.

    Same goes for interest rates. They have been increasing over the past yr or so. And will continue slowly goin forward. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Cause when rates go up banks will actually start loaning money again. Money in the economy equals more jobs.

    The debt limit is gonna continue to get bumped. Oh well. Just invest in vehicles that go up w inflation. I like buyin certain private reits for my clients or bdc's for when rates go up.

    I could go on but I'm on my phone on the crapper.
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    Curious if anybody here day trades the E-Mini futures, or the S&P 500.
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    Don't have a link Doc. I day trade the E-minis and was thinking about doing the S&P 500 also. I use one of the trading platforms for the charts and put in my own indicators.