The Tinder Generation is Pressured to Buy Steroids

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    People just love to blame AAS for everything. In this case, they obviously fail to realize that AAS is not magic and you MUST put in the work. If these little twinks would hit the gym and eat right, they might realize they don’t need the AAS. I never knew just how much blame AAS got until I started reading these articles. Utterly ridiculous.
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  2. Worf

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    So much different than when the baby boomers were doing them in the 70's and 80's
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  3. Jayd

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    The person quoted in that article could be one of the most ignorant fucks I’ve heard:

    “Steroids and cocaine go hand in hand because cocaine doesn’t have the same bad calorie count as alcohol,”

    Is this guy fucking serious!? We do coke because it’s low calorie...fucking wow.
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    Did someone say cocaine :D
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    Diet too!
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    He is retarded saying we do coke because its low cals no idiot we do coke because it lets me stay up all week doing dirty things to my wife...duhh
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