The transguy guide to transformation.

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  1. hello meso and welcome to my log! first off let me say thanks to anybody that will be following, giving advice, and showing hospitality. much appreciation

    as some of you know, i believe i’m mesos first transgender male member, i haven’t seen any others so just a guess. as posted in my member intro i am free to any and all MATURE discussions or questions, any bashing or hate will simply not be answered. in other words no trolls will be fed here.

    i will be working with the knowledgeable coach’s @mands and @Wunderpus from @Atlas_Physiques . they have prepared my diet, training, supplements, and cycle. no detailed information will be exposed, please contact them if you’re interested.

    a little about me to just finish my log introduction

    i’m 26 - 168lb- estimated 20 percent bf. i’ve been on HRT for almost 2 years, and my goal is to develop A LOT more upper body size and strength.

  2. current stage.

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  3. ickyrica

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    Upper body is nice to have but lower body is essential, work that hard as well. Good luck on your journey.
  4. Sparkyp

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    welcome and good luck with your training. can't wait to see the progress.

    out of curiosity, what are average hrt doses for transgender males??

    glad you found this place. talk soon
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  5. Sparkyp

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    def agree. squats, dead lifts, rack pulls, etc all boost test. plus the compound movements are best. days i do squats i get a great pump on my upper body
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  6. Btcowboy

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    Best of luck to ya.... focus, patience, and persistance and you will prevail.
  7. thank you ick , oh yeah the guys are definitely planning some gruesome leg work out. won’t be going easy on the lower half either
  8. thank you brother.

    if i remember correctly when i first started testosterone it was a super low dose, i think 50mg a week. then gradually bump it up over the year. i was just cruising at 100mg .

    but everybody is different and every doctor is different ya know. i know transman that take 200mg week just to be in normal male range.
  9. legendary

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    They are smart guys with training. Good luck on your journey.
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  10. wise words thank you sir
  11. Michael7

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    Good luck mate!!
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  12. thank you sir
  13. thank you michael
  14. Goodluck on your journey @chocolatethunder ....but your not chocolate o_O :confused: ?? lol ~Ogh
  15. mands

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    @Wunderpus and I are extremely excited to be working with @chocolatethunder in his journey. We have created a nice regimen for him and should see another nice transformation form the @Atlas_Physiques group :)

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  17. Sparkyp

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    Interesting. I would assumed even more just out of pure guessing. Fascinating 100-200mg can achieve more masculinity.
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  19. yes sir even less sometimes. just enough to get a person in that normal male range. it’s a slow and steady process...just like natural male puberty it takes awhile, at least from my perspective.
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  20. I think Chaz Bono uses 100mg/wk TRT . Same as my TRT ...
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