The tren cough! my first time.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by primus, Nov 10, 2018.

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    so I’ve heard about tren cough for a while now and from reading other people’s comments and descriptions of how it affects them. I’ve noticed there’s never much more info than...... I stuck myself, hit a blood vessel, coughed my lungs out for what felt like 10 minutes. Some people go as far as puking or panicking and call 911. If anyone else felt like me I was freaked out by tren because of these stories but I decided to try tren ace test e and Tren E cycle. I’m pinning every second day and for about 10 injections it’s going smooth no cough no nothing negative at all. I pin upper quads by the way. So I get up that faithfull morning and it’s one of the days where I call it a bad pin day everything is going rough as opposed to the usual smoothness. I go to dart the needle into the skin and hesitate and do just enough to break the skin and draw blood followed by that stinging burning sensation. I tell myself man up and stab the basturd and try to just get it over with. At this point I no longer feel pain but you know when the hand holding the syringe can feel the texture of the needle penetrating the meat and veins under the skin, like u know your through a vein for sure. At this point I know I’m fucked because either I’m about to experience tren cough 100% guaranteed or the stuff I’m using is not tren. As I push the oil in I get about half way and I can smell this chemical smell almost like nail polish or something similar to the strength of the alcohol swab but u know it’s not that at all. I realized it’s coming from my breath...... so I quickly pinned the rest and prepared myself. Future advice, short rapid breaths or the way to go until you expel that chemical from the lungs. Deep breathing will start the coughing but not as severe as mentioned in other places. I’d say the entire event lasts about 5 minutes total and it definitely does suck but after coughing if you breath short breaths you can stop and and complain about how shitty or weird it is. One thing I will say is that it’s almost instant how fast it goes from blood to lungs. My advice would be find a comfortable spot and put on something your interested in to watch and distract your self until it’s over.
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    I've run tren numerous times. All acetate. I've had a "mild" cough a few times but when you get the real tren cough you know it. Had it 2 times and it's just as bad as people say. 5 minutes of hell.
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    The tren cough is real!
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    Have a piece of ice in your mouth while you pin.. it’ll limit some coughing..
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    So you will choke on the ice and forget about the cough.
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    Welcome brenthen
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    Oh yeah, the face starts tingling the scalp starts tingling back of the throat starts tingling, back of hands start to tingle and then your first itty bitty cough. Tastes like benzyl alcohol smells. You think to yourself oh shit and then it comes on like a train.
    It's such a horrible ordeal I'm surprised we don't get any "Can I pin tren A subcutaneous?" Lol.
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    when your sitting on the toilet coughing with you head down and sweat dripping off your nose onto the floor feeling like your going to die do you ever think that maybe just maybe its not very good for your body.
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    It's definitely not fun. Has driven me to my hands and knees a few times, it almost, for a short time, feels like pneumonia if you've ever had it.
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    Everyone says cold air helps but it didn’t do shit anytime I got the cough. I turned the hot water on the sink and sat there sipping that warm water constantly and the cough went right away. Just keep doing it until the itch and tightness in ur chest goes away. It’s Worth a try
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    I like tren cough.
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  12. Test_Subject

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    Can't argue with tren's effectiveness, but for a recreational bodybuilder the harm far outweighs the benefits, IMO.

    it doesn't make any sense, to me, to put your body through hell just to look good on the beach.
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    if you say you like tren cough you have never had it.

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    epically when their are compounds that are far less toxic.

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    Yes sir. I'd rather run mast or EQ and not feel like ass.

    With the results be as good? Hell no, but I'm OK with that.
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  16. 350lift

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    Yeah. I’ve ran tren 3 times and never had it. You’re right
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    The cold ice melting in your mouth , you’ll swallow it.. keeps the throat cold ..
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    Bad joke on my part taco.
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    It’s fine .. you a good guy .. we all say something dumb at times .. just takes a real person to admit it.. you good in my book
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    I’ve ran tren A several times and had the cough a few too many times. Nothing fun about it. Hope you don’t get it again. Good luck