The ULTIMATE peptide free 16 week summer cycle. With progress log.

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    Hello all, I'm starting my cycle for the summer starting the first of May. The schematics of my cycle will log as follows---

    Week 1-16 Test e at 250 mg a week separated into two shots. Also, I will be adding .5 ml of test prop with every scheduled masteron/tren pin as in my experience, there's plenty of synergy behind it.

    Week 1-16 EQ (Boldenone) 500 mg a week. Two shots. Same days as test e pin.

    Week 1-12 Tren acetate starting at 400 mg a week and may climb up to 600 towards the end. 1ml EOD to begin and as I stated possible bump to 1.5ml EOD

    Week 1-12 Masteron prop at 400mg a week until week 6 then up too 500 mg a week until the end. Will be pinned same schedule as tren.

    I will be running caber and nolvadex from start to finish. I have other ai's like letro and adex on hand too. gyno and prolactin never cause me problems but it's mainly due to not allowing it to begin.

    To add more effect, I will be implementing, OstaMuscle (Ostarine MK-2866), MK-677 Growth Hormone Secretagogue and Cardarine (GW501516,Endurobol)

    Current stats, 6'0. 192 lbs at 7-8% bf

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    1 I like these low-Test, Eq+mast+tren cycles

    2 I don't think you'll need Caber at all. If you do splitting a 0.5 mg tab to last a week will be enough to bring your Prolactin to low normal.

    3 For just 250 mg Test, 10 mg nolva will be enough, maybe as little as 5 mg.
    Tren doesn't usually cause gyno unless high Estrogen amounts are present.
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    Running nolva with Tren or any 19nor can actually cause gyno. Might want to read up on that before you start so you can make an informed decision. Just trying to help.