The use of Specialty bars and Power bars/stiff bars

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  1. The use of specialty bars is something that should only be used once you have had some time under your belt lifting. Some bars are more forgiving in terms of margin for error and learning curve. i.e Duffalo Bar.

    Bars I have used in no particular order:
    SSB Yoke Bar
    Cambered Bench Bar
    Cambered bar 4 inches
    Swiss Bar
    Sport Craft Squat bar
    Mastodon Squat bar
    Texas Squat bar old and newer version
    Texas Power Bar
    Texas deadlift bar
    Ohio Deadlift bar
    Ohio IPF Approved Power Bar
    Kabuki Strength Squat Bar
    Kabuki Strength Power Bar
    Eleiko IPF Approved Competition Bar

    Now a small review and break down of the bars.

    I see no practical use for the cambered bars.

    Swiss bar helps with shoulder and elbow issues to an extent. It's not a miracle bar. If you have chronic issues in these areas then you need to see a doctor.

    Sport Kraft Squat bar not sure if they are making it anymore. But this bad boy is stiff thick and strong. I say that this might be stronger than the mastodon by a bit. Both good bars. Not bars I would recommend using a whole training cycle. But if you are going into a meet and this bar is being used and you have access to it, use the last 3-4 weeks of training.

    Texas squat bar older version is much better than what they are producing now. The old version took some weight to get it to bend. The new version is a bit whippy and it feels hollow. Not very well made IMO.

    Texas Power bar at roughly 28.5 inches in diameter is relatively skinny sucks for bench and squats. To thin it's whippy. Could serve as a nice training bar for deadlifts.

    Texas deadlift bar/Ohio deadlift bar: The texas deadlift bar is what a deadlift bar should be. It has good whip to it. The Ohio deadlift bar is a bit stiff for a deadlift bar, but it serves as a good training bar.

    Ohio Power bar/eleiko competition bar: Both are IPF approved and Eleiko is the ferrai of bars. When you talk about a stiff bar Eleiko is fucking brutal. Pulling with an Eleiko bar is fucking brutal.

    The Kabuki line of bars are great bars to use. Chris will be coming out with a deadlift soon. This deadlift looks promising and should be the best deadlift bar on the market.
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