Think this gun would work for filtering?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by LooneyTuned, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. rutman

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    Anybody else seen this? Looks like a high tech caulking gun. I️ like it!

    Looks like it’ll only filter 10cc at a time though.
  2. daylight driller

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    If you are going to spend the money on that why not get a 3cfm vacuum pump from either ebay or a 2.5 cfm vacuum pump from harbor frieght for around $50 and get bottle top filters? With that said though it does appear to be pretty badass.
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  3. LooneyTuned

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    I found a chinese replica for $20 on ebay And i already have alot of 10cc syringes.
  4. master.on

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    IMO it's better to make a syringe pusher with weights
    manually pushing the syringe plunger, even with a caulk gun quickly gets boring.

    It can be made starting with a tile cutter placed upright
    its sliding guides help a lot
    so you just need to:

    1 somehow attach the weights (about 20 pounds) even wires or ropes can help

    2 get the sliding part to push the syringe plunger
    it's easier to bolt the tile cutter (placed upright) to the wall, a bit over a table
    place the vial+filter+syringe on the table, and the tile-cutter+weight will push it down

    3 it's better if you somehow secure the vial on the table, so it doesn't move around
    a junkyard flange that fits the vial works nicely, and it's cheap
    you can wrap the vial with some fabric or rubber sheet in case the flange centerhole is larger than the vial, so it fits snuggly.

    4 you may want to have some cut tiles and printed pics around, in case friends (or LE with a search warrant :eek:) ask
    What's that strange thing in your garage?
    Oh, I wanted to do some cut-tile decor but haven't had the time. Problem solved.
  5. DozerSoldier

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    My method if doing a test run of a new blend with syringe filter. Otherwise I use bottle top filter for large quantities. This was a NPP run.

    Full thread and explanation:
    Favorite NPP Recipe With MCT Oil?
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    It aint that serious tho lol
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