This has got to be a lab error...

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    I recently had some routine lab work done to check my HPT axis (I'm on Testim, 1 tube / day). I was expecting to see the usual results (high levels of androgens) since I'm doing just fine --- no symptoms, no problems, no changes in my condition. T and free T were high as expected, but DHT was nonexistent.

    Free T: 254.9 pg/mL (range: 35-155 pg/mL)
    DHT: undetectable, <6 ng/dL (range: 25-75 ng/dL)

    Like I said, I have no symptoms that would indicate that something is wrong: libido / sex is good, morning / spontaneous erections fine, sleep / moods good, everything is normal. I'm posting this information not because I am concerned, but rather as a curiosity; I've never had a grossly erroneous result from a blood test before.

    Previously, I've been on Androderm. For the entire time I've been on any form of TRT, my blood tests have shown DHT values that exceed the max range (over 75 ng/dL). It is worthwhile to state the obvious here: I've never been on any 5AR inhibitors (e.g. propecia). I've never messed around with hcg, and have never "done a cycle." My medication history is clean. I do not have 5AR deficiency. Before starting TRT, my DHT values were in the mid range.

    The only thing I've done differently for the last month is that I'm spreading out the Testim thinner so that it doesn't stick to my clothes as much. As a result, I'm covering a larger surface area (i.e. I used to just apply to upper arms, now I apply to arms, shoulders, back, and upper chest). It is my understanding that a larger surface area of coverage will result in higher DHT levels, since 5AR is present in skin cells, and more skin cells are covered this way (this is one of the reasons why a gel like Testim typically produces higher DHT levels than a patch like Androderm).

    I'm getting another blood test in a week or so, which will definitively show whether or not this is a lab error. I'll be seeing my doctor around this time as well. Any opinions on the DHT result?
  2. The lab should run a repeat analysis and your dr should notify them to also retest as well. It was most likely a contaminated sample or was not spun right at the lab
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    Structure- thats cool.
    Your understanding of the genesis of DHT, gel vs. patch re DHT is right on.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I'm getting retested tomorrow, and will post the new result when I get it (about one week).
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    Yeah, it was a lab error. Last Monday's blood test produced a DHT of 41 (range 25-75 ng/dL).
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    Lab error - no doubt about it.