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    Hi everyone,

    Created a profile a little while ago but never introduced myself. I'm 47 years old. I've been working out off and on since HS. Played football in university. I'm in a physically demanding job so I like to stay in shape. Sometimes life and kids happens and I get side tracked but don't let myself get too out of shape.

    I've lurked on here for awhile. Mainly looking at taking that first step into steroids. I did a couple of rounds of Sarms in the last year. One round was a great stack with great success but was a bit pricey. Next round worked too but I injured myself by lifting way too heavy and had a few side affects. From reading on here, and other sites as well, a lot people suggest just going with real thing. Plus at my age I read so much about TRT I want to give that a shot. Of course I would be looking for a place to purchase product.

    I will try to get involved in forums but do find most if not all of my questions are already answered when I search for them. Plus I'm not a dummy when it comes to working out and eating properly. I just need to be smarter when it comes to acting my age and recognizing my body isn't 27. So besides trying to find a source I will also research changing up my workouts.

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    CdnGuy?????? LOL. Welcome to Meso. Keep the reading and research up and you’ll find all you need brother.
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    Welcome back to Meso!
  4. It's not him. He's already here and minding his manners.
    This is a legit new guy. Welcome to Meso, Hank.
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    Ok no problem then. Sorry my bad as title threw me off o_O
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    I actually thought maybe I shouldn't put (cdn) because of that. Only now I realize I could have used (Can). I also didn't want to use Manitoba, which is where I am, because someone just introduced themselves a few posts earlier. It's too hard to be original.
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    LOL, I knew it wasn’t CdnGuy and was just giving you crap. Like @MisterSuperGod said - he’s already back.
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    Welcome to the neighborhood
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  9. Is he active? I liked reading that dudes old posts lol
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    Yes, but under a different handle and a new attitude.
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    Welcome to meso. Get some baseline bloods so you know where you're at without being on any exogenous drugs. Biggest mistake I made when I started was not having those bloods taken.
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    Welcome from another Canuck!
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  13. lol I believe I figured it out now
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  15. Glad that he’s back
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    Welcome, another Canuck here Too
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    I read it like that too lol
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