This test e raws look degraded?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Bloathog, May 31, 2020.

  1. Bloathog

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  2. janoshik

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    Test E has low melting point, it does that even if it's good sometimes.
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  3. Bloathog

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    Ok cool was curious because it was powder in the vacuum bag then when I took it out of fridge part was melted
  4. Clamslaps

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    I have made test from 8 year old powder, still worked. Like most hormones/medicine, it doesn't go bad... just loses potency.

    Though tren apparently converts itself to NPP.
  5. Bloathog

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    Tren is an odd one... I think I’m just going to brew all in a media bottle then store in cool dark place!
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  6. ripriot

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    Tren doesn’t synthesize to NPP as it ages.
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  7. Eman

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    It would be cool if that actually happened in reverse. Buy some Npp and age it into tren. hcg into Gh, maybe? Bold into primo?!? :)
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  8. ripriot

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    Right lol! Like a 2 for 1 deal!
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  9. Clamslaps

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    Haha yeah I don't remember where I heard it. Definite bro science.
  10. rasengan

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    they are perfectly fine they get little melt during shipping and then looks like hard wax it is still good to go if you stored them in air tight moisture proof packing.
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  12. Gbro

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    If you suck on a dick long enough, maybe it will turn into a pussy and you won't be gay?
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  13. Clamslaps

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    In the grand scheme of the universe and infinite possibility, this is 100% true.
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  14. Bloathog

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    Well holy hell I pinned my quads can’t barely walk maybe hormone got really pippy after 5 months
  15. KSmith

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    Low melting pointing products :
    testosterone Enanthate 34-39℃

    Nanadrolone Decanoate 33-37℃

    Testosterone Deconoate 47-49℃
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  16. Test_Subject

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    I could get on board with some barrel-aged primo.
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  18. Clamslaps

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    This bitch. Why are you following me around?
  19. Test_Subject

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    If I read a thread and someone is saying stupid shit in it, I'm going to call them on it. If you were less prodigious in saying stupid shit, it wouldn't happen to you as often.

    It's basic probability and the solution is quite simple if you're so bothered by it.
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