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Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by allenpdx, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. allenpdx

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    need to find a good email for secure communications.
  2. beedix

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    Buy a domain name and host it on your own Linux box. Use pgp for messages. As secure as you can get and no monthly fees.
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    Ive read not to use safemail if you want to be safe
  6. beedix

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    IMO, no email provider is really safe. PGP will keep the content of your mail safe (not the subject or recipient).

    NSA will have you tapped at any mail service they want (especially those claiming to be super secure). I would really steer clear of any mail host that terrorists might use such as the ones claiming anonymous/safety.
  7. Millard Baker

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    What if terrorists are using the most effective anonymity/privacy tools available?
  8. beedix

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    By all means, end to end technologies like pgp, tor, stenography, etc are tools that should be used if security is a concern. There is just no end to end secure email service....easily backdoored by our wonderful government. Disk less, no logs, etc is not protection given the tools and leverage that the NSA imposes.
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  9. sausages

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    Yup, on and off shore servers. No thanks.
  10. tacohuman

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    Safe-mail definitely dropped some of my emails. Shipping info in particular. I'm done using them after that.
  11. Mike Oxbig

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    I've personally had issues with Hushmail but this is the first I've heard of Safe-Mail deleting e-mails...

    What specifically happened?
  12. tacohuman

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    I made an order and never got any kind of e-mail from them. They did charge me though and I did get the package. The place I ordered from has an auto-response which I know from my first order through them which makes me think it's safe-mail.
  13. Mike Oxbig

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    I'm not sure I would definitively conclude that Safe-Mail intercepted your e-mail just because you didn't get an auto-response in your inbox...

    You said e-mails as in plural, what were the other circumstances?
  14. tacohuman

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    The payment confirmation and shipping email from the same place. I'm not thinking they were intercepted as much as just not delivered.
  15. Unleashed

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    If I'm not mistaken United on PM had some security/safety issues. He used safe-mail. He doesn't anymore!
  16. shenky

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    This is a good thread. Are there any other non pay secure email providers that I should consider?
  17. write

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    well safe-mail is still safer than gmail ??
  18. sausages

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    Google a non-friendly state of the usa. Use that country email provider, but search to see where their servers are located at.
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  20. Transhuman

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    yeah, i don't think safe-mail is intercepting messages but clearly not all messages arrive at least when sent from anonymousspeech accounts. more like rejecting messages. getm has reported this problem and other anonymousspeech users have too: