Thoughts on my first cycle? Test Enanthate and Test Prop

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by AnabolicsDave, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. AnabolicsDave

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    Gear on hand: Pharmacom Test E- 6000mg
    Pharmacom Test Prop - 3000mg
    aromasin - 1500mg

    Weeks 1-3: 100mg Test Prop EOD Kickstart
    Weeks 1-10: 600mg Test E split M/Th
    Week 11: 50mg Test Prop EOD
    Week 12: 105mg Test Prop EOD
    Week 13: 160mg Test Prop EOD
    Week 14-15: 185mg Test Prop EOD
    Weeks 1-15: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (Dosage will change based on side effects and bloodwork)

    Week 17-21: pct with Torem and clomid

    Pretty standard cycle. Except I'm utilizing Test Prop as a kickstart. Also, I'm going to utilize Ape's suggestion of tapering in a short ester at the end of a cycle.

    I will be keeping a log with bloods, progress pictures, and anecdotes. I'm really hoping this Pharmacom stuff is legit. I've heard mostly good things about them, but I'm still a little bit skeptical. Hopefully I didn't waste my hard earned money.

    Any comments and suggestions on the cycle will be greatly appreciate. I will be posting bloods and other updates soon.
  2. Big_paul

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    It's a hell of alot of test the first 3 weeks.

    You are taking into account that the test e is slowly decreasing blood levels. Ok

    What are your stats?
  3. AnabolicsDave

    AnabolicsDave Junior Member

    That was one of my concerns. Should I taper down my test prop kickstart dosage through the weeks 1-3 since the test E will be building up in my body?


    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 162lbs
    Body fat: 10%
  4. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    One week would work, if that. You are running a 15 week cycle. You will have a lot of time to see gains.

    You left out age and training history brother. What does your diet look like?

  5. AnabolicsDave

    AnabolicsDave Junior Member

    I might get hate for my age, but I'm 20 years old. I played runningback for my highschool's varsity football team, so i did strength training for about 4 years. After highschool I kinda just stopped training for a year. I gained quite a bit of fat and lost a lot of muscle. All my lifts dropped by 50-80lbs. I ended up weighing about 195lbs probably 17-20% body fat. About 9 months ago I started training consistently and tracking my macros. In these 9 months I've cut down a lot of body fat, and have regained a some of my size.
  6. AnabolicsDave

    AnabolicsDave Junior Member

    Current Physique:
  7. OlderWolf

    OlderWolf Member

    IMO 4 years of high school football is not the same as 4 years hitting the gym. You should really wait a few years before cycling. Besides looking at your physique it seems you have great genetics and you have yet to reach your full potential naturally. I know it sucks to hear bro but IMO you should hit the gym hard and constantly for a few more years keeping your diet in check and reach your natural plateau first. Your gains then would be way more significant and long lasting than if you do a cycle now. Your body is still developing and running almost a gram of test right off the bat is not the way to go, again IMO. Enjoy your youth while it last bro and don't take this AAS lightly. This is not coming from hate or anything, but from experience.

    edited: Another important note to take into consideration is injuries. If you've never lifted constantly your tendons and ligaments are not that strong and use to the extra weight and resistance. Once you add AAS you will feel like your muscles can lift heavier and heaver without giving time for your tendons and ligaments to catch up and you could very well injure yourself. Your muscles could feel and be stronger but everything that ties them together will not be sufficiently strong to withstand it.
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  8. AnabolicsDave

    AnabolicsDave Junior Member

    You're correct that 4 years of highschool football is not the same as hitting the gym. Both have completely different goals and mindsets. The truth is, I'm just impatient. I realize that I could build a good physique over the span of a few years, but I'd much rather do it in half a year. And my goal isn't to be a 200lbs monster. I just want build an aesthetic physique and maintain it. My goal is to hit 185lbs at 10% body fat.

    In terms of joints, tendons, and such I will be deloading every four weeks. I've been doing a lot of research on training schemes and the planned deloads will help the prevention of injuries. I know that I'm still at risk of injury, but with regular deloads and careful increases in weight, I feel that I'm doing the best I can to minimize risk.
  9. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    You will not get hate, but you will get some good advice. You look lean. I think you can make solid gains with a better understanding of nutrition and training.
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  10. AnabolicsDave

    AnabolicsDave Junior Member

    I understand that what I am doing is impatient and that I should be waiting. You guys are really experienced with this, and have much more knowledge than I do. However, I hate to see my rate of progress decreasing. I've debated over this for months. I've already bought the gear, and I'm set on using it. I'm just asking for advice on the cycle, so that I don't make any avoidable mistakes.
  11. T-Lab

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    Just looking at your pic I would say with the right diet and training you would make significant progress without aas. If your goal is 185 and lean you don't need them at all. Consider what you think you are willing to risk just to take a shortcut to something you could achieve naturally. At least I hope you know the risks. There's literally thousands of threads with all of the info you need. Most likely you will do whatever you want no matter what solid advice you get on here. 99% will tell you 20 is too young and you don't need it for what your goals are. You're 20 and say you spent months debating this. I spent 3 years researching aas and reading through forums trying to decide and I finally did when I was 30. Not hating but I think yes you are being impatient and no you don't need them. If you are going to ignore people's advice and do it anyway then at least spend more time working on your diet and reading up on test before you do it. Judging from the way your cycle is laid out you haven't read that much.
  12. Buffhunter

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    Dude you have a wealth of knowledge here and guys that have been doing this a long time. Please listen to them!!! They care and would not steer you wrong!!! Dude you are ripped and have a great base!!!! Just eat eat eat and lift bro you will kill it without any AAS