Thoughts on this know it all?

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    Is what this guy claims true? No need to run pct if you're running hcg alongside your cycle?
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    Some of the trt clinics in my area give hcg for that reason.

    The idea being if you take enough HCG during the cycle you won't shut down and coming off cycle there is no need for pct because you never went offline naturally.

    Some say over the long term it's better for you because not ever shutting down is less stressful and some that shut down repeatedly never quite get back to where they were.

    I have no real experience myself but the new talk seems to be to use HCG during cycle instead of after.

    That guy in the video censors his comments heavily to only agree with his point of view so don't take his comment section for validation etc.
    He did a video on DHB trying to say it was it's own compound unrelated to anything else.
    When people posted that DHB is a DHT derivative he erased those comments like an asshole.
  3. There's nothing "new" about including hcg on-cycle to help reduce testicular atrophy - ive personally been suggesting this protocol for years. And i would not recommend substituting hCG for a proper recovery plan. There are some exceptions, however, but they have to do more with age and health.