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Thoughts on Upcoming Blast

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Monstar, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Slotted to start a new blast phase soon and as it's fun to kick ideas around I thought I'd elicit some opinions. I'll lay out my base idea and then some questions I'm pondering at the bottom.

    Mid 40s 6'2" 230lbs ~12% (blurry abs, I don't get full six until ~10% and I'm working a ton and eating crap right now)
    Lifting for 25 years, plenty of cycles and familiar with most all core compounds (except where noted below)
    Have never done HGH or Slin - maybe later this year but not this cycle.
    I use aromasin and know dosages to keep things in line.
    I tolerate orals well - 50mg winny and 350mg tren weekly puts ALT/AST only slightly out of range.
    I get bloods regularly - probably weeks 4 and 10 for this plan.
    Last blast will be >10 weeks past. Bloods were fine at cruise week 4-5, pre-cycle bloods again next week.

    Stay relatively lean, put on maybe 10lbs (stay under 245 at finish) and regain strength I lost last year due to injury (squats and pulls need to come back). I may choose to lean up in the last 6 weeks as I have a trip toward the end of it. As I'm regaining strength (not as hard as new strength/size) I don't feel I need mega dosing so I'd rather let my lifts and diet do the work over a longer period.

    Base Cycle:
    16 weeks
    Test E 500mg 1-16
    Deca 400mg 1-16
    I do fine on these compounds and always have. Bloods will be perfect with regular donation and nothing else in the mix. Could also run this higher if I do less on the oral side. Open to that. Note that I need to run test equal or higher than deca to avoid unwanted sides. I've tried lower go at this age for me.

    Weeks 1-4/6:
    Starting dosages Dbol 25mg ED or Anadrol 50mg ED
    Could also do both at 25/50 and see how it goes.
    I need to be a bit flexible here on dosage, duration and compound(s) of choice. I check BP daily and elevation from dbol is mild if diet is on point. One thing I've realized as I've aged is that some drugs affect me differently now that I'm older. Dbol gives me heartburn and some suck back pumps. I also got lethargy last time around week 4. Not excited to use it anymore really but it's effective - don't want to run more than 25mg ED. I haven't used Anadrol in many years but back in the day this was my work capacity compound. I held no water, could tolerate outrageous volume, instant recovery and fat melted off me. Who knows what happens these days hence need for flexibility. Could always run test/deca higher if these suck for me.

    Weeks 10-16:
    Winstrol 50mg ED.
    No joint pain at this dosage with even mild deca in the mix. Liver values fine, cholesterol impacted but not horrible and rebounds in a few weeks. I get strong and tight off it without any back pump issues. Oddly winny and/or tren help my blood pressure...everyone is different right?

    Future Plans:
    Will be a summer cut/fun. This will either be A) test/tren/mast (some drol early if it works out here or winny late) or B) a long primo cycle (never used primo) with test base and maybe some Anavar added in. I'm leaning toward Primo as I used tren a lot this past year and would prefer to take a longer break.

    QUESTION 1 - I could add masteron Enanthate at 400-600mg weekly the entire 16 weeks. Maybe no need for winny at the end though it treats me so well it will be hard not to do. Anyone feel this will be additive?

    QUESTION 2 - I've never run Anavar. As opposed to the orals listed I could use it in place or do a longer run.

    Open to thoughts on my questions or otherwise.
  2. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    First time I've seen anyone run test and deca for the same amount of time. Usually it is recommended to run test for a few weeks longer, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. Like you said, everyone is different.

    Your oral doses and length of time you will be taking them look good. I would stick with one, personally, and if Anadrol works better for you stick with it.

    You can add Masterone if you want but I think test, deca, and Anadrol will suffice.
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  3. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    IMO up the dose 750 test 600 deca and if you don't want to blast winstrol.
    Use proviron the whole cycle 50-75mg ED.
    And the last 6 weeks blast mast prop 1ml ed very simmilar to winstrol.
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  4. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    I really like dbol and Anadrol together at a lower dose.

    20-25 dbol and 50 anadrol.

    I'd run the mast over winny. Winny is a garbage compound unless you're entering a show.
  5. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    This basically nailed it.

    Are you on TRT/cruising between blasts or pct-ing?
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  6. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Appreciate the ideas so far. Assorted thoughts on posts above:

    Yes - on TRT hence the test will revert to 200mg a week and the deca will gradually run out of my system. I have long-term blood work (years) which is perfect on test/deca from when both were scripted to me at 200/200 (now only 200 test) so I don't really sweat ending one before another but very valid for those doing pct.

    On the orals, I think I'll start with A50 and see how it goes for 7-10 days then add 25mg of dbol if I want. If I respond to drol like I did when I was younger...then this is a huge win and I'll have a favorite compound back as I don't need much for great effect.

    I have Mast E so I'd run it the whole time (won't front load with test/deca and it will hit blood levels as the orals end). I've done Mast Prop in the 400mg range and thought it was okay but I'll likely go for 600mg of Enanthate to see what it can do (maybe I should do 800 after the initial 4-6 weeks). I respond great to winny (strength/vascularity/hardness/low BP/very little liver elevation) so I guess I can make it a game time decision as to whether or not I add it in at the end. Can just save it for summer.

    Never used proviron. With Mast in play I'm thinking unnecessary and probably won't have to up the dosage on other compounds if the drol/dbol phase doesn't work out.
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  7. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    I was going to mention that. I sure as shit wouldn't run deca in my mid 40's if I was going to pct.
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  8. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    Yeah I've recently been on 50-75 Anadrol + 20-30 dbol and it's great
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  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Mast + proviron + winstrol = my prostrate is already swelling up
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  10. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    When I was editing the original post I must have cut that line accidentally. I'm on TRT so blast/cruise. Title has "Blast" in it so kind of implied but so many people are now misusing blast/cruise for basic cycle better not to assume. I'd use NPP otherwise or not mess with nandrolones.
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  11. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Current Plan

    Test E 500mg 1-16
    Deca 400mg 1-16
    Mast E 600mg 1-16
    Anadrol 50mg ED and Dbol 25mg ED have to feel things out 1-6

    One nice thing is I'll get the chance to see how I respond to long-term Mast E at decent dosing.
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  12. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    I love this decision was to add Mast, 600mg is a bit higher than I run...I think you could reap all the benefits from 300-450. It’s the best mood enhancing/feel good conpound I’ve ever used. The three compounds you’ve chosen hits the trinity of testosterone...supposedly, it’s a synergy type effect.
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  13. Munky

    Munky Member

    I like test prop to kick start with test e in the beginning, I like Winny too some guys hate it I always liked the fast response it gives