Thoughts on using EQ and TRT to cut...followed by a lean bulk cycle

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Outlier, May 10, 2018.

  1. Outlier

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    Currently I am 233 and aim do diet down to 215. Once I hit my target weight, I am going to do a lean bulk with tren A (100mg EOD x 8 weeks), Test E 325mg/wk (x16 weeks) Mast 500mg/wk (x 12weeks) and EQ 500mg/wk (x 16 weeks). Would it be a bad idea to begin the EQ now with my TRT as I diet down? I will likely diet for another 8-12 weeks. My rationale; The increase in RBC's can help my cardio, help alleviate the flat and drawn out feeling felt during a cut and once I begin the lean bulk, EQ will be at peak levels. Thoughts?
  2. FattyMcFatterson

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    400mg per week Boldenone cypionate makes me incredibly hungry. Like rest until my stomach is thanksgiving full, and have to talk myself out of getting another plate. Very hard to diet for me. Maybe a lower dose would be easier.
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  3. kendallkmw

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    I'm currently throwing 300mg of Equi a week into the last 5 weeks of my bulk to increase my blood level for a cruise and cut. Below is what my cut will look like.

    Test Cyp 100mg E3D 200mg a week
    Anavar 25mg 2x day 350mg a week
    Mast P 100mg E.O.D avg 350mg a week
    Equi at 150mg E3D 300mg a week
  4. MCFC

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    I don't understand the reasoning of adding just 5 weeks of EQ even if you were running a gram of the shit. That's a waste.

    And to the OP, I wouldn't include EQ into any sort of long term maintenance like trt or anything. The shit will just jack your hematocrit up and create more long term problems than it's worth. This is my experience and I'm sure many others will agree.
  5. kendallkmw

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    I'm running Equi the rest of the summer but started it the last 5 weeks of my bulk that way the levels will be up in my blood by the time I start my cut. I'm using it primarily to prepare for endurance training.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Can someone please tell me who coined the term “lean bulk” cycle bc it’s an oxymoron.

    Like hey dude let’s thin down and get fat, lol.

    Let me be clear “bulk” cycles are some of the WORST to run on a physiologic basis bc large amounts of water are being retained which tends to stress the CV system.

    Worse yet all that extra water must be redistributed to other physiologic compartments and is seen as BLOAT, and that puffy appearance is a loser with the ladies and in darn near every B.B. contest.

    Oh sure you’ll put on pounds doing bulk cycles, heck you’ll even get to spend some of your hard earned cash buying new clothe, but bc the appearance is largely the result of water retention gains will be lost in short order, and so will the need for those new threads.

    It should be no surprise, those that run any form of bulk cycle are almost always novices looking for quick “gains”, with short lived benefits.

    I’m not suggesting there’s no need for “bulking up” but I’ve yet to find one on THIS forum.

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  7. Dr JIM

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    Endurance training and bulk, dude show me ONE endurance athelete who even mentions what your suggesting.
  8. kendallkmw

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    Well hello Dr. Jim. Always looking to inject 2 cents in somewhere. I've ran several races its not like I'm new to this. My weight gain has been minimal, no bloat, and clean slow steady gains. I'm going to continue doing exactly what I have been. In mid June I'm going to switch gears and stay at about maintenance/deficit and lean out. If I wanted your opinion I would have put @Dr JIM so you could creep along and interject.

    I'm not your typical stick figure athlete. I weigh in at 186lbs right now and have no problem carrying my weight. I used to carry 230lbs of fat. This next marathon I only be leaner and be carrying more muscle. I'd like you to show me where there is fucking criteria I have to meet to be an endurance athlete. Almost sounds like some racist shit. Ill never run a race running 8 minute miles but I'm happy to run one in the 9 minute mile range.

    What I do works well for me and it beats the hell out of feeding my face full of shit and being over weight. When I see people trying to lose weight, play a sport they aren't great at, or do something that they aren't a natural at I encourage them. I don't say oh you'll never hear an endurance athlete do that. Every race I run I see people of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life doing hard things. SmartSelect_20180519-165146_Gallery.jpg
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    You asked for thoughts, not merely validation.

    @Dr JIM gave you his thoughts, and I think they were relevant. Bulky and endurance aren't two words you associate with each other.

    Meso isn't kindergarten, stop whining. :)

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  10. kendallkmw

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    Wasn't I who asked for thoughts look who started the thread.
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    My mistake, phone view is kinda limited.
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  12. Outlier

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    . You brought up some good points. When I use the phrase lean bulk, I personally refer to increasing my lean body mass without adding a high level of fat and excessive water. I realize diet has the greatest influence but my experience suggest certain compounds are better suited for a lean bulk than others.
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