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    We are THUN BIOTECH from Switzerland. After doing offline business in Switzerland we now established our headquarter in Germany which enables us to ship to the whole European Union.

    We carry the complete line-up of injectable compounds, but will soft-launch our portfolio with bread and butter (testosterone Enanthate and Propionate) to see how things are going and gather more data and feedback regarding the shipping and handling to the 28 european nations consisting of different time and climate zones and a diverse field of shipping companies. More products will be added as we walk along.

    While launching there will be no minimum order amount, the shipping costs will be at nominal charge and we will happily sell you 5ml Vials.


    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 5ml: 13€ (2 Vials max)
    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml 5ml: 16€ (2 Vials max)

    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml: 25€
    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml 10ml: 30€


    In the wake of the current Hacking/Extortionist threats surrounding all the websites our contact and ordering is by Email only. This way everyone can be sure that the other side is alive and well and that orders and payment were received. Please give us some hours to answer your Mail and don't expect this to be instand messaging, nobody is sitting on the keyboard 24/7.


    For our own and your safety all Email and related data will be erased 21 days after the expected time of delivery. Please save anything you need on your end. We will not be able to answer any questions regarding Orders/Emails/Payments or anything related after deletion.


    - Shipping to Germany (untracked): 3€ 1-2 days
    - Shipping to Germany (tracked): 5€ 1-2 days
    - Shipping to EU (untracked): 7€ 2-5 days
    - Shipping to EU (tracked): 12€ 2-5 days

    Reshipping policy

    - Untracked: No Reship
    - Address problem/Unknown Receiver: No Reship
    - Tracking stops/vanishes: 7 day hiatus, then 1 Reship
    - Shipment lost/seized: 1 Reship


    - Bitcoin (BTC)
    - Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    - Monero (XMR)
    - Ethereum (ETH)


    As free samples are frownded upon on MESO we encourage customers to do honest reviews and logs of our products and will give store credit to reviewers/loggers – for this please get back to us after you obtained the product (so MESO-users can be sure that all customers receive the same quality and nothing is handpicked) but before you start the log/review to check if we will credit you (as the benefit to MESO and us of having the 5th Test-P log of the same Lot is obviously limited).
    We do give wholesale rebate.


    All our products are made in Switzerland and Germany in pharma grade with swiss/german precision and under a no compromise rule. No allergic substances are used in this process in any way, shape or form.
    If you have any questions regarding the safety of our products don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Please also inform us asap if you notice any fault with any of our products at any time. We need to know if something went wrong and find out what and where it happened, be it a problem with any of the shipping corporations or - as improbable as it is - a mistake on our part.
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    Our enterprise is run like a legitimate pharmacy and we have access to a real world lab. As no lab is the same and the facilities are very specific any information or pictures would in the long run inevitably lead to us. For this reason there will be neither pictures of the lab, the equipment or any information surrounding this topic posted ever, neither public nor private.

    We are aware that the situation is schizophrenic as everyone wants a supplier that has three ideal characteristics: on the medical site it should consist of people that know what they are doing, preferably chemists or pharmacists that do their work in a real lab in white coates; on the management site you want someone that has integrity, doesn’t fuck around and knows how to handle things, including problems; and on the logistics/security side you want to be sure that your orders, names and addresses are secure and that you get your product in a safe and secret manner. At the same time the vetting process demands some infos and proof to counter idiots and scammers which means that everyone on the internet can see pictures of the lab and its equipment, knows how things are set up in details and maybe even gets personal information including pictures.

    To do something for the common good of health and safety and substantiate that we indeed know what we are doing and are ahead of the vetters and the competition here are two critical exhibits:

    1. A week ago a new EU-Lab emerged and nobody spotted a crucial mistake made by them: The Lab uses a Pall VacuCap 90 PF Vacuum Filter and in its introduction declared this as a 0.2µ Filter. Yet, the 90 PF is not only a variable Filter with 0.2-0.8µ pore size which means you currently receive practically unfiltered goods as bacteria will always find their way through the 0.8µ pores (especially when using pressure), Pall also states in their documents in bold text that „This product is not approved for use in medical, clinical, surgical or other patient applications“.

    2. Deficient knowledge of disinfection (which in itself is often mistakenly declared as sterilization): Almost nobody seems to know how to use alcohol correctly to combat bacteria, fungi and viruses as there are a dozen threads with Labs doing it wrong and still getting patted. To actually have a real effect on pathogenic microorganisms you have to use alcohol in concentrations between 60% and 90%. Not 50% or below and definetely not 91% or even higher. It is counterintuitive but more is not always better with alcohol as the water plays a crucial role in protein denaturation and tremendously decreases the needed contact time. You can read more about this topic at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (.gov site!)

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    Put your mouth guard in : )
    Could be an exciting Thursday for you
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    This is all cool and everything


    I don’t believe it’s Friday in the EU yet.

    Also no pics?!? We need proof of everything first! Then we will go from there. Do not post pics in links we don’t click links.
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    So this one's jumping the gun and not waiting till Friday :mad:
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    Softest launch I’ve ever seen, good for a noob running test only I guess but who could you actually draw in business wise with offering two types of test? Never understand this shit.
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  8. This attempt was so shitty I barely want to spend the time responding.

    "All our products are made in Switzerland and Germany in pharma grade with swiss/german precision and under a no compromise rule. No allergic substances are used in this process in any way, shape or form"

    Please tell me again how your UGL makes pharma gear...
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    Did your intro post get deleted from SST or here before, can't quite remember - while these prices aren't too competitive for the EU market especially given the miniscule selection, more sources/options can't hurt.
  10. Got deleted from SST.
  11. Failure to follow instructions
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    well i can get sp or Balkan for the same price so why bother :p
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    Credit for subjective feelz logs, not for objective analytical testing. My kind of source.
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    Welp he fails miserably at responding to questions



    Let tag him
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    hur dur I sell pharma test, hur dur I am pharma quality, hur dur europe
    give me money and get my piss.. ahem test
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    if you think you can just sit back and expect us to stop posting and then people starting to order your trash then you are mistaken AMIGO
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    This is not true. I'm allergic to bullshit and I'm fucking choking to death reading this intro. THUNdercock Biofag.
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    Hey, if I lived in Switzerland I would take a picture of my gear against the backdrop of the beautiful landscape too.
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