Times square ramming inspired by a nearly identical incident in Latin America

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    Times square

    Both were Hondas
    both were driven by hispanics (NY attacker is Richard Rojas)
    both were hit and runs

    I'm so pissed of to watch his Hispanic friends on tv quickly become apologetic, just because he's hispanic too.
    Deport them where they belong!
    Spread the word!
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    First incident happened in Guatemala. They were both Hispanics. Really? Nice detective work Nancy Drew. You're An insufferable faggot.
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    Do you think it is because of the pigmy genetics South Americans have because they bread at some point with jews and niggers you fucking reprobate .
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    I agree.
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    Wasn't the Times Square nutjob high on some synthetic drug when he did it? It's too bad NY has such archaic gun laws. Had that happened where I lived, at least half of the people in the crowd would have ended that piece of shit's miserable life with a few well placed shots through the windshield.

    Fucking sheep need to wake up. This kind of barbarism is rampant in civilized societies. You may call me a gun nut if you're a hapless leftist, but you'd be thanking a gun nut if it was your daughter or loved one staring down the hood of a maniacal, homicidal terrorist, who got his head face blown off by a concealed carrier and a well placed shot.
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    Masterons idea of America.

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    And another. gun-pointed-at-man-and-child.jpe
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    What's wrong with jews?
    except those post-WWI Munich communists (that triggered Hitler hatred) I think most (not all) jews are hard-working, good people.
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    Good to hear, and those hebrews that are responsible for misrepresenting the greatest mass murder of the 20th century can go straight to hell by way of the concentration camp.

    I never knew that there were good jews. I learned something new.
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    massive concentration camps are long gone

    Have you ever read the Parable of the Talents?
    Parable of the talents or minas - Wikipedia

    Most Jews strongly believe that if you're naturally TALENTed in something, you MUST excel on it
    no Christian "being rich is a sin", "being mediocre is good" BS

    BTW in Christian and not Jew, in case you're wondering
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    And you defend Hitler. Your fingerprints are over this board because of your repeated racist threads and posts. You are fooling no one. What I can't understand is why you are not spending more time on stormfront.
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