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    Alright guys this will be our official thread.

    I answered a few members questions last night and will be checking in a couple times a day to address other questions that may arise.

    As stated in the other thread, pictures will be posted tomorrow when one of us is available to take them at the lab. So lets keep questions to other topics, if possible.

    As well, I'm going to ask that we try to keep comments as much on topic as possible and not any ridiculous name bashing or name calling of us (at least until we have allowed members to use our products), or other members.


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    About Us:

    I want to formally introduce ourselves as Titan Labs. We began as homebrew enthusiasts who loved the dedication, lifestyle, and bonding that occurs in the bodybuilding world. Our goal is to transfer this passion to others through quality made products, outstanding customer service, and gain reputation because of the standards we create for ourselves.

    We chose the name Titan because, as many know, the Titans of Greek mythology were the original Elder gods that ruled the earth. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and were also the first pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. In the same way, bodybuilders are always seeking after the ultimate body, many times derived from depictions of these gods. We make each and every product with meticulous detail with these gods in mind in an effort to drive ourselves and our products to perfection.

    Without writing too much, I hope this suffices as a thorough enough introduction to the forum. We will be checking back frequently (twice daily, at minimum) through this next week to answer and questions and concerns that members may have. We will be opening for business after roughly a week or so of our introduction so as to ensure all requests and questions have been answered. There may be a few people chiming in here and there from other boards who have used our products and we thank them for their support.

    A price list with product codes and our contact email will be posted shortly for members to look over. We will post order instructions closer to our opening after questions have been answered.
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    Meso Code of Conduct

    1. Pics and description of brewing process.
    Pictures have already been addressed and will be put up.

    We are in transition between operations and upgrading equipment but at this time we are utilizing a sterilized setting for all oil production. This includes a laminar flow hood, autoclave, and a strict filtering process using, at minimum, .2nm filters or below. We pre-sterilize all materials, use sterile gloves and masks in a setting with minimized air flow to prevent any possible contamination. After we have produced, filtered, and bottled each batch, we also use the oil from each batch ourselves. This is to not only give our customers confidence, but to also ensure that each product, batch to batch, is consistent in smoothness, free of post injection pain, and a quality product that we ourselves would use.

    2. Secure Email:
    We use counter mail with several other extremely secure features to provide encryption, anonymity, and prevent attacks and key stroke loggers. We also do not save records. All records are erased and destroyed after the necessary information has been obtained to ship an order and the order has been received.

    3. Full disclosure:
    We do not have any reps at this time, nor do we feel the need to take on reps. We believe our products will speak for themselves.

    4. References:
    We do not source at any other boards although this venture began with small time brewing for friends and a few well known personal friends on other boards.

    5. Sources limited to one thread pushing their product: N/A

    6. If source had a website it cannot be hosted in the U.S: N/A

    As of now we will not be offering a bit coin payment option because of the volatility of the currency.

    We do, at minimum, lab max tests of every batch we receive and, at random, we mass spec products to ensure quality. We are working on mass spec-ing all products of every batch but due to the illegal nature of the items we have to spread testing out.

    Although our own blood work and testing does not mean much, understandably, we will start by supplying one of each compound to submit free of charge for testing if members can pick an appropriate candidate by the opening date.

    This does present the possibility, however, that we could ship better products if we know they are going to be tested. Because of this, we suggest that members interested in purchasing our products contact veterans of the board to organize anonymous tests that we are not told about.

    We welcome any and all tests be it blood work, lab max, or others. We only request that the tests, good or bad, are submitted by a long standing member of the board with the handle of the person submitting the test to them. This will help prevent the unlikely event of our possible competition having unknown/new members submitting false test results.

    Our supplier is one we have tested, used, and trusted for a very long time and who has been supplying quality products for over a decade. However, as most of us know, problems do arise from time to time with the manufacturing of raw supplies. We have yet to have this happen and we do not anticipate it. However, in the event of any adverse testing done by ourselves or our customers we will do everything in our power to fix the situation and replace the product(s) free of charge. Because of this policy, we again ask that tests be acknowledged and checked with a veteran of the board so as to help avoid false claims.

    In addition to the things already mentioned, we will be providing oral tablets instead of capsules as we believe this increases dose consistency, professionalism, and it enables customers to more fully customize their dosing by splitting tablets into halves or even quarters for their desired needs.
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    Price List

    Oils 10ml:
    Test E 250 $45
    Test P 100 $30
    EQ 250 $55
    Deca 250 $55
    Mast Prop 100 $60
    tren Ace 100 $65

    Orals- 60ct Tablets:
    Dianabol 20mg $60
    Anadrol 50mg $80
    Winstrol 20mg $60
    Anavar 20mg $85
    M-tren***60ml oral solution 1mg/ml*** $65

    Ancillaries 60ct Tablets:
    nolvadex 20mg $50
    clomiphene 25mg $50
    arimidex***60ml oral solution 1mg/ml*** $45
    cialis 20mg $40
    viagra 50mg $50
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    Ah, there you are Zeus. How are those pics of your hood and autoclave coming along? Thanks.
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    Hopefully this thread doesn't get ruined by a certain douche. Zeus just keep your word and do the right thing and everything will go good for you here. The pictures are the first step. Labmax and mass specs are a huge thing also.

    For full disclosure:

    I posted in the thread last night I have used titan before when he was sourcing privately. I bought and used 1-test cyp. It was 175mg/ml. Communication was good and paying was easy. T/A was around 5 days. The product treated me better then the anabolic nation 250mg/ml 1-test that I switched from, both in gains and pip.

    With that said a source is only as good as his last transaction but I would order again today if I need something.

    Now I will not be commenting much in this thread. I am NOT involved with this lab one bit but I do know the owner from another board and have advised him on security issues in the past. Because of this I feel I have a conflict if interest. If things go south I will do everything I can to help each and every member here but unless that is the case I wont be in this thread much.

    Titan good luck with everything, now get on those mass specs.
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    Tipping my hat for both holding the source accountable re the CoC, and disclosure. Respect.
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    M-tren eh, that's a not-so-often found product. Heard that shit is potent
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    It would be cool to get another trust worthy ugl, What bothers me is that Titan is showing no respect for the scoc that is in place to protect our members. I do believe that our source code is nothing that will compromise any ones safety.
    Although you will get orders from members, most will not do biz with a lab that disrespects this board and the ways we do biz here.
    On the one had you have the consent and blessing of meso and on the other post after post of vets and members posting shit on your thread.
    Not much to think about in my humble opinion.
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    Isn't he addressing it on post #3?
    Waiting on these infamous pics.
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    They are coming. As I said, we wont be at the lab until tomorrow to take them. I may even put your username in them since your are so interested, lightspan ;)

    Regardless of what members think, things that are included in the CoC are a security risk. Period. Most people have no idea how a lab operates.

    That said, I don't understand what you are really talking about as we have, as of now, addressed the entire CoC. Also, we have not disrespected this board in any way. In fact, I am a huge fan of this board which is why I chose to open here.

    I am a member and long time browser of many forums and communities and honestly am just like most AAS board members except I want to offer people the best product I can provide.

    Also, I havent seen anyone talking shit besides one or two memebers. Several have been quite welcoming and there may be a few more stopping in over the next few days that have used my products. As always, TL greatly appreciates there support.
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    Have you addressed donating funds for labmax and random testing?
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    Since you mentioned the flow hood, autoclave ect. You will need to provide pics of those BEFORE you decide to open up shop here. The pics will include piece of paper in each with date and your handle written on it. This is a fair warning. You are a lying scammer until you prove you are telling the truth and continue to do so.
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    I think everybody likes you Titan, so you can stay! Im sure some of the vets would like samples sent out so if they contact you by PM please let me know who is trying to get freebies! Thanks and welcome aboard! Hey guys this one seems like they are going to be g2g huh?
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    Oh and whatever you do make sure that you post picks of your lab! So everybody can see them :D
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    As stated, this has been and is being addressed. So as of now, I wont be going over this any more until tomorrow.

    We are not taking orders yet, as already stated, to give members a time to raise concerns and allow us to answer them. This topic is included.

    I have addressed donating products to be tested and have been speaking with several board members via PM in regards to having products tested and getting results posted.

    I have also addressed our testing policies.
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    XNooBX appreciate the post whether it was made in sarcasm or not ;)

    I am working with several people via PM to get samples sent out and products tested.

    However, as always, I want people to use and review things who are not specifically telling me they will be tested to prevent the accusations of biased reviews or results.
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    I understand that as well, but I encourage you not to send out free samples to anyone! If they want to try your gear than they need to order it anonymously and test it, that way it will be a real review.And you wont know who your sending gear to and it won't be one of the gear whores around here just trying to get free gear! Get it?
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    The problem with that is if I place an anonymous order to a new unproven source, I potentially am throwing my money away. Works both ways.
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  20. To whom it may concern,

    The main founder of Titan I've known for a while and my bias aside his products are legit. I've been on the same forums as Titan for really ever since I entered this game. I've done business with Titan on some Deca 250 and it did exactly what it was suppose to. I can tell everyone in this thread now that Titan is a legit dude, whom I hold him and his products to a high standard. I use to go through a different UGL and he had to close due to family issues and personal issue obstructions. He however tested and used the same raw source as Titan and started prior to Titan. Some quick info on my client's blood work using Titan's raw supplier: test-e taken at 200mg per week was tested 6 days post injection and levels were greater then 1,500 ng/dl. Another example was test-ace taken at 750mg blood work tested at about 8,200 ng/dl. These results have been repeated in me along with my fellow clients (5-6 individuals) and then many others on other boards.

    My one client, we will call him "Bob" gets routine blood work using Titan raw supplier and every time his test numbers are good. Some products I've personally used concerning the raw supplier are: test-e, deca, EQ, bold-cyp, superdrol, Anavar, tbol, aromasin.

    My reputation and who I am as a person will stand behind the raws of Titan 100%. I would be interested in buying some Titan products to even test out and report findings here.