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    Greetings, MESO. I come to you on “new source Friday” to announce Titanium Gear Industries (TGI) will be available for your consideration in the domestic line-up on Meso. I offer basic compounds with plans to add Primo and a few orals with the next raw order. I am a “keep it simple” brewer. Quality vs. quantity. I operate by 4 simple principles. Security, safety, fairness, fast t/a. I will not be making any high concentration gear, exotic blends, or anything of the like. Think of me as the small business vs. the big box store. My prices will be set in the beginning to entice buyers to try me out, hopefully get some bloodwork posted, (since there is a current lack of trusted testing facilities) and establish trust behind my brand and earn a solid reputation among you all. 24k, potg, SP, and Pharmacist are the footprints I plan to walk in. Being a small operation, I may have to close up shop to resupply from time to time. If the demand dictates that, I will ship out all pending orders and do so with plenty of advanced notice. I will not be collecting money for any items that are out of stock. Orders made before 6 p.m. central time will go out next day. Since there is a void for testing raws and finished oils now, bloodwork is all we have to rely on. As such there will be a $200 store credit for the first 3 to post bloods following MESO protocol. $100 for each one after that. If anyone can test oils/orals, I will provide $200 store credit to each compound tested the first time and $100 after that, plus a replacement of the product(s) tested.

    Security. BTC only (expanding to other crypto coins in the future). Secure email only. Non-secure emails will not be opened. I utilize a VPN and TOR browser. I conduct my business on a laptop that is disposable and a phone that is a prepaid (cash) disposable. I have a no-knock plan in place as well as a controlled delivery plan in place. I take my freedom very seriously and yours as well. In the event there is an issue with an order I need to be notified immediately upon receipt of the order, since I will be destroying records regularly.

    Safety. I use a slow and methodic approach to brew safely. Every surface where i brew is cleaned with bleach and then alcohol and allowed to dry. Minimal air flow is allowed. Lab coat and gloves are worn for every process. Sterile bottle top filters are used. Dry heat is my method of sterilization (3 hours @ 500 F). Everything glass is placed in my oven even if it used pre-filter. Once filtered into media bottles a clean dispenser is used to fill the vials. I only brew one liter at a time, max. I use a 4x filter set up that allows one filter for 250ml of product and then said filter is discarded (4x250ml=1L). Vial stoppers are subjected to an alcohol bath and then covered until use. Everything used in the process of a batch is subject to an alcohol bath, dry heat, or both. I have access to a nitrogen purge vacuum oven as well as a drop cell melt point testing instrument. I know melt testing is not the best way to verify a hormone, but given the recent happenings it is the only way I have access to test.

    Fairness. There is no shortage of shady business in this market. Unfortunately, that makes it up to a new start up to prove they are in the business of good business rather than scamming the community. My promise to the community is to keep batches small ensuring quality and safety, keep prices set at a reasonable level, maintain strict security protocols, and in the event of a mishap to do right by the customer and take the loss. If I make a mistake, then it is on me to correct said mistake.

    Fast T/A. Nobody likes a source that is not active on the board and that does not answer emails. Nobody like waiting on a domestic order for a week when there are less expensive international options. I will make daily trips to drop off packs, every day. Unless I am closed for business, I will make the drop. My standard will be set at next day ship out as a maximum. If I have enough time to do same day, then that is what will happen. I will make sure emails are answered and that I have an active presence on the board, in my thread and only in my thread.

    Although speed is a priority for T/A, rest assured I will not rush a batch. I will not compromise quality or cleanliness. Free gear will never be offered, out of stock items will not be sold, pre-orders do not exist to me. If I do not have it on hand to sell it to you, I will wait to make that sale.

    Anabolic Lab donations will be made quarterly. I believe all sources should abide by that.

    Fill levels of vials. A dispenser is always used but not always does it duplicate the fill level drop for drop. Rest assured my vials are to be FULL. That means to the neck of the vial. Full enough just so that adding the stopper almost forces a bit of product out. You will be buying 10ml, but you will always be getting more than that.

    My first run for MESO will not have batch numbers. Consider this batch number 1. All batches after this will have an accurate number to represent the batch of raws that it came from. This can help isolate any unforeseen issues with raws/processing down the road.

    Now for the questions list:

    1.)How long have you guys been brewing?
    I have been in brewing for about a year.
    2.) Why come to Meso and who told you to come here?
    Meso is the unbiased board. The only board I have been on as a member. No pulled punches here.
    3.) Do you have any reps?
    4.) Do you have pics of brewing setup?
    This includes filters, beakers, carrier oil, scales (with the dates, mesorx and your labs name). Also include rubber gloves & lab coats.

    Please see attached photos.
    5.) Pics of stock. Low stock items are a no no here.
    Please see attached photos.
    6.) Are you using presealed vials.
    7.) Have you gotten labmax, qualitative or quantitative testing done on your products.
    No. Unfortunately only my own bloodwork due to lack of testing facilities at the moment.
    8.) You sure you never sourced on any other steroid forums
    Absolutely not, nor will I ever. It’s MESO or nothing.
    9.)Where do you get your raws?
    Not willing to divulge anything that could implicate anyone or help competing labs. Sorry.
    10.)Do you test you raws? (Please post results)
    No. I was planning to until the go to guy MESO trusted went down.
    11.)Photos of lab set up/filtration?(Include Meso name and current date)
    Please see attached photos.
    12.)What type of filters are used?(Photos with Meso name and Date)
    ZapCap-S. Please see attached photos.
    13.)How often are filters rotated?
    Filters are discarded at 250ml.
    14.)Sterilization protocols for vials and caps?

    Vials are subjected to a distilled water/alconox wash, then rinsed 2 times in distilled water, then rinsed in an alcohol bath, then placed in a dry heat oven at 500 degrees for 3 hours.

    What type of oil do you use?

    I offer products in GSO and Miglyol 840. If Mig is in enough demand I will keep it. If MCT oil is preferred to GSO I can switch. It depends on what MESO wants.

    Meso1.jpg Meso2.jpg Meso3.jpg Meso4.jpg
    Price List:


    Test P 100mg/ml $10

    Test E 300mg/ml $25

    Deca 300mg/ml $25

    NPP 100 mg/ml $25

    tren A 100mg/ml $25

    Tren E 200mg/ml $40

    Mast P 100mg/ml $25

    Mast E 200mg/ml $40

    EQ 300mg/ml $30

    Sustanon 250mg/ml $25

    Miglyol 840

    Add $5 to GSO prices


    cialis 30 caps 20mg/cap $35

    Sdrol 30 caps 20mg/cap $35

    Current Stock List:


    Test P: OUT

    Test E: 19

    Tren A: OUT

    Tren E: OUT

    Mast P: 98

    Mast E: 116

    NPP: 103

    Deca: 89

    EQ: 88

    Sust: 32


    Test P: 43

    Test E : 4

    Tren A: 21

    Tren E: 12

    Mast P: 8

    Mast E: 12

    NPP: 13

    Deca: 6

    EQ: OUT

    Sust: OUT

    Orders and questions can be sent to titaniumgear at protonmail dot com

    I will begin with a $50 minimum since our introductory prices are so low. Shipping will be a flat $10 charge.

    My next batch of raws ETA is 2 weeks to up the stock of Test, Tren, and Sust. If MIG is a good seller I will restock it as I do GSO oils. Next raw oral order will include gear and AI’s.
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    What is your other handle?
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    I know there will be a flaming, but i cannot and will not disclose that. I never came here intent on sourcing, so i may have posted things or engaged in conversations with members regarding my location, area of employment, etc., that could be used maliciously against me. I will not deny being a member. But a member no more. Once on the dark side, those member privileges are gone.
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    Is this is a joke? You're out of stock on half your list and the rest looks like personal use amounts... What the fuck? I almost have more gear in my stash and I don't even source... Embarrassing dude.

    I don't care if you let anyone know what your previous handle was. It will be posted whether you want it to or not. Personally, I'd probably just get ahead of it and post it up but it makes no difference to the end result.
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    Bruh - did this current batch come from raws supplied by "the go to guy" and if not, why in blue hell haven't they been tested?
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    You have 19 vials of Test E??? I currently have 16 plus the one I’m currently using. You will sell out of that when the noobs play the “crash test dummy” routine.

    And anyone can price their product really really low if they don’t currently have it.

    I think you underestimated the amount of business you COULD get here (if you survive the vetting process). You might want to stop now, go away and come back in a couple years. You’re in over your head already.
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    The go to guy he is referring to is analyzer I think
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    I'm about to have 50 vials of test pp and 60 vials of test e and I'm just a homebrewer. Lol
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    Gah - you're likely correct, I still haven't had coffee this morning so my reading comprehension might be in the shitter at the moment.
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    So who are you?
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    Waiting on my next raws to reup on test and tren. Should be here 2 weeks or so. Figure it will take at least that long to move an order or 2. But i don't lie about stock on hand. Transparency is best policy.

    Analyzer was gone before i got the chance to move on it. And the general consensus is not to use the "other" guy.
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    Gotcha. Time for me to head to the coffee pot. Had a long night with some efficacious sildenafil.

    Is your test stock so low because you're getting high on your own supply?
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    Two weeks, lol? So, did you write your intro then decide it was a good time to re-up on raws?

    How in the actual fuck do you not come fully stocked for an introduction in the underground? It's fucking tren and test, probably the two most commonly bought AAS in the galaxy and you're the source that doesn't have any. Transparency, indeed. You're transparent in your lack of preparation. It also comes through as greedy, careless and unprepared... (I know I said unprepared twice, I should have said it a third time to drive home how ridiculous this intro is)

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    Yeah I hear ya here bro! I have around 40 vials of Test E on hand and I’m an amateur at brewing lol.
    @TitaniumGear (TGI) you say you want to be considered a “small business” but your stock is micro sized. You don’t even have enough stock to start!??
    It’s obvious by your intro that you have been around meso for a bit.
    This might have been a good thought but poorly executed, imo.
    The way it seems is that you’re relying on orders to come in so that you will have enough coin to purchase your raws with.
    Step back, save some money, invest in your “brand” and maybe come back with a stock list that doesn’t look like a personal stash....
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    Not gonna lie its not a bad intro... But that stock man... You would be shutting down a lot unless you can keep those numbers up. Is the mig only for viscosity reasons? No increase in concentration?
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    Woke up this morning and wanted some cake.

    Go into my kitchen and look into an empty box.

    Either my roommate or his slut girlfriend ate the rest of it and left the empty fucking box.

    @TitaniumGear (TGI) should I bust in there on there hungover selves and scream titanium says it's payback time?
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    Absolutely reprehensible
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    Is that you Picholas? Lol
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    You're gonna take a lot of heat bro, but your intro is spot on with what MESO has laid out...Not sure why people are upset about your stock, you just started up...Anyhow, good luck on your venture, looks like you've invested quite a bit...