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    Absolutely true...
    The University of Minnesota actually found that along with tren pellets...implanting estrogen pellets in steers increased gains by 25% plus...over the same amount of time as opposed to natty cattle and 16% increase in muscle mass over tren a alone.
    The studies were conducted from the late 1980s thru 2002ish.
    I leave my e2 alone until the first signs of high e2 sides....typically in the mid 70s.
    2 to 3 1mg arimidex over 2 to 3 weeks knocks me back to the 20s and i let go again.
    Btw Rabbit ...how you been?
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    I figured he was fucking with me.
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    Oh, that board
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    Well, southern OH can be confused with the South lol and I know a southern OH girl who had no idea who Cooter was or what it means today. She told me Cooter is turtle meat for turtle soup.
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    I've had turtle before, fried. I've also had cooter, raw.
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    5th order now with titter and that bluebox email NEVER gets old. Smooth transaction as always.

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    Don’t ever call southern Ohio “the south” :p

    Unless you have this at the intersection of the 2 biggest and busiest interstates in your state. Lol

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    The fuck does balco think he can’t post up and in here.....

    Fuck you @balco

    Next time I see his ass in here ima set @HIGHRISK on him

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    Raising it more will NOT curve it!!! You have a great group of wise loving guys here..grab them up and keep your family tight !! keep your packages LOW !! TGI I’m getting the feeling your getting outside your comfort zone ..damn it’s ok to go private u can always open and shut the door..private keeps our price reasonable or our minimum under $400. so we can always have fresh gear without blowing dust off the bottles from extras we might not need till our next cycle..I think it’s a safer move always when private they ALWAYS LAST LONGER it’s what you love and we love you for it our hard working friend!! ...damn this thread is hauling balls..
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    Fuck @balco
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    I said it can be CONFUSED with the south!!!
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    The real symbol of Freedom. To bad most “Americans” have no fucking clue.
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    4B33BD5A-3987-47C1-ABF0-8C3F3C220BD8.jpeg This fucker broke out ran in the cat door and is demanding a bottle never took to it’s own mother it be friended the meanest cat on gear ever
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    Been doing good brother! Hope u been doing good too.

    Glad to see you back around again!!!
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    “HI, KIM”.......Pitter patter
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    i4 and i75 baby!!!! i used to drive by that flag all the time lolool
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    I, for the life of me do not know why you think for one second i am "outside my comfort zone". You have been on this thread for a few days, may or may not have done business with me ONCE, and think you've got some hot golden ticket to the private source promised land.

    Let's be real. You came to me and didn't know a thing about btc or ordering etc. I spent how many emails again teaching you how to do things? And for what gratitude exactly? So you can take that knowledge and the time i invested in you and bring it to every active source on this board.

    Pristine burned you, SP won't let you in, and it's known to pretty much everyone here (you seem to keep ignoring it) that if/when i do end up as a private source it does not mean you are a part of that.

    So please, please, just stop. You speak here as if you have been here since day one. You're a new guy dude. New to me. All i know about you as a new guy is i spent time/effort and watched you cozy up to anybody selling something. You don't run my business, you don't know my business, and you don't have ANY business telling me my business.

    Have a great night.
    nah dude. Still 250.
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    I am guilty of doing things because that is how I “always did it”.

    For the last 2 years I have been battling gyno flare ups when blasting. I can’t get it to go away completely any more. Really small and unnoticeable to anyone, but not gone.

    I run pharma adex and Raloxifene. Do you have any friends that are able to let their E2 come up a little and still control gyno?

    I just pulled bloods and my E2 is 14. I was very surprised because I had the perception that I was on a moderate dose of Adex. Obviously not!
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    Mine can run way on the high side and zero symptoms. I used to dose the number on my bloods reports, now i dose symptoms. tren makes my nips a little sore, but no itch. Other than not a thing really no matter what the bloods say. So i opt to use less drugs (ancillary). Just my experience.