TNE oil crashing

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    Im trying to brew TNE at 100mg/ml. I tried brewing this compound a couple years ago with no success but wanted to give it a try again. I have tried 2 different recipes and each batch crashes as soon as it cools. Last batch was actually a recipe I got of here from a couple years ago. It was
    1% BA
    40% BB
    3% GU
    The oil used was GSO. Thankfully I knew better this time than to waste 10grams of TB and only use a couple grams for a test batch. If anyone has and recipes that they can help out with that will hold I would appreciate it.
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    Sorry I didn't think I could comment. last time I tried it wouldn't let me that's why you seen one letter. Away there's definitely a problem there and it's not the amount of solvents because 1st of all 40% BB is way too high for anything. The 1st Thing I have to ask is are using a hot plate with a magnetic Stir rod or are you using a stove? Because it definitely should have held with that recipe in fact it will hold with,
    18%G, but I've went as low as 10%
    But that's with MCT..

    If u don't mind me asking why do much BB?
    And so little G?

    If you do have a hot plate with a magnetic Stir rod how long did you leave it on and spinning for and what temperature did you bring it up to?
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    I had to use the stove because my hot plate isn’t working right ( only works when it wants too, new one is coming). This is my third time trying to brew with this compound and honestly the recipes I have used were the ones from this forum that I found after doing a search for TNE.
    I have a digital thermometer that I use if I have to use the stove and according to that the temperature got up to 280. I had only added the BB and GSO because I’ve read that G has a low smoking point. So I added that after I took the mix off the stove. Then I filtered and vialed. Also I would rather use MCT instead of GSO but read that TNE didn’t hold well in MCT. I have experience in brewing a few other compounds just not this one. Would really like to get it down because it’s definitely one of my favorites.
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    I mean the temperature was right but what I'm thinking is. Well a few things but 1st how well could you have been mixing it? It kind of needs to be spinning the whole time In order to get the hormone into the solution and hold for that matter.

    The next thing is I don't know why well you just told me where you read about the BB content but coming from someone who has been doing this for a very long time so I would like to think ive basically figured it all out. That is a ridiculous amount and you never should ever ever go over 20% BB. If I compound needs that much of a solvent then you have to add super solvents instead of going higher than 20%BB whether it's EO or G, but TNE definitely needs G.

    Another thing is compounds that are hard to hold it is always better to put your solvents in 1st before the carrier oil, and let the solvents do the work. As the Carrier will obviously dilute them and make it harder for them to do their job. The last thing you wanna do is add it after you take it off the heat that's for sure. Also I have taken G up to probably close to 400゚ for 45 minutes and never had a problem. Not that you wanna do that but I just mean it can't hurt the G. I'm trying to think if I'm leaving anything out. If you have any more questions let me know? what I would use, and what I have used many many times as recipe and never had a problem Is,
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    I appreciate your help, thank you. I’ll give this shot and let you know how it turns out.
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    Sounds good brother remember Stir as much as possible And don't hesitate to bring ot up to 300°. Also I don't know how long you left it on the heat for but after everything is added including the Carrier oil I would wait at least 20 minutes before taking it off the heat. Oh yea I don't wanna talk bad about whoever gave you the information about GSO vs MCT, but just always remember this. Compounds that are hard to hold usually hold better in a oil with a lower viscosity.
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    Stay are from guaiacol, it's extremely toxic to the human body and has even lead to death. This shit is no fucking joke and should never be injected.


    The LD50 in humans is 43mg
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    Do you have any info on Ethyl Oleate (EO) being safe or not for injections?
    My carrier oils of choice are GSO, MCT, Mig840, Mig812 and EO, for my upcoming brew.
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    Years ago used EO without any problems, and lot of good UGL use(d) EO. Alpha Pharma was 1 of them.

    By the way im trying to buy again EO and i cant find a good source.. only in medical and lab supplies, but the shipping to EU is very expensive.. can you PM where you buy yours?