Tne recipe @100mg/ml

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  1. raped ape

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    Anyone have a good recipe?

    Assuming I need guac
  2. Iron Vett

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  3. TideGear

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    I did this last night without the guac and every vial has crystals in it. I did 1/19 and the rest EO.
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  4. TideGear

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    It looks like squatch is right. I only made mine at 50 mg/ml so I injected about 8% guac into one of the crashed vials and that fixed it.
  5. ickyrica

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    Very reliable recipe for 50mg/ml

    1% BA
    40% BB
    3% GU

    1% BA
    40% BB
    5% GU

    Have used if for both, both work very well and is stable. It doesn't have pip that will impact your gym time in anyway if you brew it correctly.
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  6. Nieldsy19

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    I found a recipe ill be trying on tuesday for... 15% Guaiacol, 20% BB, 1.5% BA at 100mg/ml with the remaining volume being ethyl oleate. If you want I can let you know how it turns out.
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  7. Nieldsy19

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    Hey guys so I brewed using the above recipe and it is holding pretty well from what it seems. Nice and thin too. I'm gonna let it sit for an hour or two and let it get to room temp before filtration in case I need to alter the recipe. Will give a final update in a few hrs
  8. mdhx3

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    What kind of effects do you see with them? Do you use both PWO? How long do the effects last?
    I have some of each; but I don't know what to expect or how to use them best.
  9. ickyrica

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    So I like tne the best out of the two. Not to say that I dislike trne...

    For me the difference is tne provides me nonstop power at near max load meaning I can work in my 80/85% range with no lull in power output. Where I would do xxx amount of reps without it you can add another 40/50% on top of that. Now, if you throw a little halo into the mix and the power het a a good spike. My BP does as well. I see spots sometimes. I take 100mg when I use it. Adding in halo is generally around 15/20mg

    Trne gives me some power I suppose but the big ticket item is the pump. It doeant even take much for me, maybe 35/50mg and i get insane pumps. The few times I've used it i remember being uncomfortably pumped. I'd like to play around with it again at some point.

    I only use it for PWO. I take it about 2 hours prior to workout time, some like less time then me. I'd guess we all have our own sweet spot in that regard. The effect lasts a little while but its nit like a pwo drink or anything. Not for me at least.
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  10. That’s the same recipe I use for Tne but I make it at 100mg/ml. (Uh oh did I just give away the secret?)
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  11. ickyrica

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    Kidding me right? Lol. Fuck yeah, I'm gonna be busy lol. What about trne? Bump the GU up to 5% and that's what I use for 50mg. Think that'll work at 100mg?
  12. I only got trne to hold at 50 and then stopped with the no ester stuff after realizing it was the source on acne for me.

    You have to get the heat up there for awhile and add the guaiacol at the end as it starts to cool or it will burn and oxidize.
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  13. ickyrica

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    Thanks man, appreciate it. Sorry to hear it drives your acne. Stopped drinking milk because of that
  14. You know I quit drinking milk about a month ago just because I’m on the road during the week but also have thought for years it might bloat me a little. Maybe I should get an allergy test one day
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  15. ickyrica

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    You never know. I have a lactose issue, nothing bad but it's there. I swear I still have an issue with it even when I drink fairlife. I picked up a couple bottles of the milk and boom, acne started. I dropped it quickly and the ance stopped.
  16. pharmasource

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    Anyway, if you have in oil 15% GUA , BA is not needed. GUA is antiseptic
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  17. ickyrica

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    What about lower amounts, say 5% or 3%
  18. pharmasource

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    3% is too low, 5% of GUA + 0,5% BA working too , 10% GUA = no BA needed
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  19. Nieldsy19

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    My shit didn't end up holding. I ended up getting a small amount (5 or so) little micro crystals in each vial. Kind of disappointed. Don't know where I went wrong. Btw this recipe was at 15% guaiacol, 20%bb, 2%BB and the rest eo. Is heat super crucial? I heated it and it was in solution at one point, even at room temp, but overnight it seemed to crash even though it was very miniscule. I saw numerous quotes saying it would hold.but I can only assume it is my own fault. I've been brewing "normal" esterified compounds for well over a year and have had no problems. Any input is appreciated. Should I try again with the above recipe containing 40% bb?
  20. Eman

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    What did you dose it at? 100mg/ml?

    I'm kind of surprised that didn't hold... That is close to the recipe I was planning on.

    I wouldn't jump to 40% bb with everything else you have in there. You may get it to hold by just adding another 1% of bb, I've brought different compounds into solution several times by just adding that extra 1%. Base raws aren't too forgiving though I guess.

    With what you have now, I would get some dry rice and put in a coffee cup. Put in microwave for about a minute. Put vial in and let it sit until it's cold. It should be holding when you take it out, see if it'll hold like that for a few days.