Top Ten Bodybuilders of all time

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by ForemanRules, Dec 21, 2005.

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    ForemanRules Member

    Who are the top ten Bodybuilders of all time....
    Keep in mind the 3 or more drug/ non drug generations.

    1. up to 1950, or so....natural

    2. 1950-1984, steroids

    3. 1984 - now, GH ect.
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    ForemanRules Member

    Here is my list....

    1. Arnold
    2. Sergio Olivia
    3. Lee Haney
    4. Ronnie Coleman
    5. Steve Reeves
    6. Flex Wheeler
    7.Danny Padilla
    8.Franco Columbo
    9. Frank Zane
    10. Robby Robinson
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    kethnaab Junior Member

    Michael Francois would be one of my "unsung heros"

    He was a guy that had the thickness and density of Dorian Yates (yes, even his back!) with significantly better aesthetics.

    Damn shame he got cut down before his time.

    I'd drop Padilla in favor of Shawn Ray
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    For aesthetics, the dude that got leukemia would be near the top. Its on the tip of my tongue, but I just cant... Dennis Newman.

    Lee Haney would also be top 2 or 3. Ronnie wouldnt make my top 10. Most of the guys that would be in my top 10 would be pre-1995 when the guys actually looked big and in great shape, but also looked relatively healthy. Todays BBers look like mutated beasts that dont even resemble the pinnacle of health.
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    HeadDoc Psychologist; Super Moderator

    Bill Pearl--lifestyle purist!
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    ForemanRules Member

    I Think Shawn is great....esp when he first turned pro


    I just think Danny won the 81 Olympia.....can't find any pics of that show:mad:
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    roadkill Junior Member

    My Favorite....

    I don't like the current crop of mass monsters. To me the man that has always had the most symetrical, polished physique is Serge Nubret.
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    kethnaab Junior Member

    danny padilla never won the O.

    Ronnie Coleman at, what was it, 2001 Arnold? and 2003 O were outstanding.

    and Dennis Newman and Michael Francois BOTH were definitely Gayle Sayers-type losses.
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    ForemanRules Member

    No but he should have:) 81 he was the king
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    MANWHORE Member

    What about Casey Vitor's build. I liked it
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    dvs33 Junior Member

    Co sign bro.I love Arnold but Nubret has to have the most pleasing looking body ever.He looks like a Apollo greek statue :eek: ;)
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    j martini

    j martini Junior Member

    1. Sergio Oliva(hands down arnold doesnt even come close)
    2. Lee Haney.
    3. Ronnie Coleman
    4. Flex Wheeler
    5. Arnold
    6. Dorian Yates(not the pretiest physique, but in 93 he took the sport to a new level of size and hardness)
    7. Shawn Ray
    8. Frank Zane
    9. Kevin Levrone
    10. Robbie Robinson

    Others of note Serge Nubret, Vince Taylor, Aaron *****
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    MANWHORE Member

    When you say top 10 BBers of all time,do you mean top 10 best physiques (that's mostly genetics) or top 10 BBing Icons ... Arnold is known for his popularity from things other than BBing which is why he comes out on top alot,but there have been other many dedicated BBers to look up to .. I don't believe Serge was known for his intense/grueling workouts like Arnold and many others were
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    dvs33 Junior Member

    Agree bro.Hence why I think Nubret had better genetics to look like a statue.
    His training didnt seem as intense as Arnolds and Iv read for his chest all he did was flat barbell bench with 90-100kg for high reps but look at the mans chest.unreal.Tiny joints with big muscle bellys look very impressive.;)
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    MANWHORE Member

    yes,he looked very good,without a doubt,but he was a pussy .. I think Serge use to help Arnold with curling by sitting on the bar ;)
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    dvs33 Junior Member

    HAHAHA,Arnold was a very intense person in the gym.But I think Serge would leave the pros today for dead with his training.Try doing 20 -30 sets like him of higher reps and 30 odd seconds rest between those sets with 100 odd kg on bent rows,chins,benches etc etc.After 3 -4 sets theyed be gasping for air and rolling around on the floor.Most of them cant pose with out gasping.Remember bodybuilders are weight feelers not weight lifters.Sure if you can lift a ton by all means do it, as long as its controled and you feel the muscle working,and you do try to increase the weight with controled form(progressive resistence)
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    MANWHORE Member

    You want grueling workouts,take a look at some HD workouts. sure 20-30 sets with high rep work isn't easy after coming from doing 3-5 sets 5 reps ea set,but high rep work isn't the best for building muscle tissue. Serge probably didn't see a big reason for gaining more muscle mass. He latest programs were basically marathon training programs. That's great for nutrient density and increasing stamina but not the best for muscle mass. he did look good though
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    dvs33 Junior Member

    Im a lower set/rep person myself.
    But know theres more than one way to skin a cat.Some respond to the higher rep/set like Serge, others to a lower shorter but intense way of Training like myself.But can you imagine the guys of today trying it?It would be funny as hell to watch.I saw a clip of Dexter struggling with 400 pounds for 5 reps on flat bench and afterwards it looked like he was about to curl over.Even stretching was winding him.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Serge use to workout with 240 in curls and over 500 bench so you can't compair what he does now to what he did to get where he is now ... Or rather where he was then.. :confused: :D ... Alot of guys do lighter weight high rep work now,but they are already huge. .. High rep work has it's benefits,but IMO not for building muscle tissue .. or not the best for it anyway. ... Isn't Serge from FRANCE?! Fu@@ france and FU@@ Serge .. lol
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    dvs33 Junior Member

    Serge trained heavy for a while at the start but the majority of his carrer he trained how I said.His joints couldnt take the heavy poundages and he made better gains from the higher rep stuff.I agree with you bro that the heavy stuff works ,well it does for me and you as well,but there are guys out there that respond better to all types of training that you or I wouldnt respond to.I dont give a shit what a book tells you what is best for muscle growth.we are all differant and what works for one doesnt mean it will work for another:)
    And yeah he is a dirty frog :D

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