Topless model was the mastermind behind an Asian drug empire in Australia

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    Topless model revealed as ‘brains’ behind Asian drug empire
    October 31, 2018

    A TOPLESS model was the mastermind behind a drugs empire in Australia that distributed steroids and testosterone.

    Nateesha Barlin, 23, along with her gym-loving boyfriend Dylan Shaw, 24, ran a criminal organisation that supplied steroids, testosterone and human growth hormones.


    Nateesha Barlin will be sentenced next month
    Barlin is said to have boasted she was supplying “the whole Central Coast,” a region in Australia northwest of Sydney, according the New York Post.

    But their drug dealing came to an end when the Australia Border Force (ABF) raided the apartment they rented on November 7, 2016.

    Barlin pleaded guilty to one count each of importing testosterone and the deemed supply of anabolic steroids, while Shaw pleaded guilty to three charges including importing human growth hormone, anabolic steroids and the deemed supply of steroids.

    When the couple appeared for sentencing in Gosford District Court on Thursday, they revealed just how easy it was for them to set up their steroid trade, where they expected to be “getting big lumps of money at a time.”


    Barlin reportedly bragged about how large her empire was


    The pair imported steroids and testosterone


    Barlin said in court she had a difficult childhood
    The pair were ordering steroids and human growth hormone from China and the Philippines and getting it shipped through the mail to the name of a relative at their apartment and to their parents’ addresses, mislabelled as things like “cleaner” and “a gas flow valve and housing.”

    In court, Barlin’s lawyer said she had been subjected to ridicule after reporting of the matter and had lost her job as a veterinary nurse as a result.

    He added that she had a difficult childhood after her parents’ separation and was bullied for being the “ugly duckling,” driving her to find solace in “gym culture,” which “introduced her to steroids.”

    He dismissed a text she sent claiming to “supply the whole Central Coast” as the boasting of a young person who “made statements to make her seem popular.”

    She was also “not aware of how serious the offenses were,” he said.

    Barlin and Shaw could avoid jail time after a judge ordered them to undergo psychiatric evaluation with a view to serving their sentence in the community.

    Topless model revealed as ‘brains’ behind Asian drug empire. A
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    Any topless picture of her?
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    @master.on we will need to see the topless photos so we can research this a bit more.
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    She is really fucking hot in the face. She needs some more muscle and probably a bigger clit
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    Agreed on that one...otherwise she must have a banging body and her bf could have done more to get her into the lifting lifestyle.
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    I give that booty two thumbs down
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    In the second pic she kinda looks like Melissa Bumstead, now SHE is fucking bad
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    i'd do her
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    Yeah bro I'd do her very a lot.

    Her legs are a bit stringy but they're shredded and her glutes are fukon shredded too
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  11. Damn robot, false advertising. You said topless, i want topless.
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    could always go look at that pic of arnold
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    Ok, I’m torn on this one... on one hand she could get off easy based on the psych evaluation and part of me feels like a hypocrite for thinking that is absolute bullshit. They knew exactly WTF they were doing. On the other hand, part of me hopes they get off easy. Well, at least her. I want to see her BF go down.
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    And man... she needs to do more squats and lunges. That ass looks like a damn pancake.
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    I think that's what going to happen. She'll play insane and her lawyer will dig up some studies how chronic aas use can cause psychosis
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    The human part of me wants to see justice and see her ass nailed hard (through the justice system... ok, and by my cock too) and the hypocrite comes into play because of the forum I’m on lol.
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    I think she deserves whatever happens, the arogance is a no no for me
  18. Already saved in the spank bank. :D
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  19. Sounds like the boyfriend is more to your liking since you like a more masculine look ;)
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