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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by FiEnD, Apr 6, 2018.

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    11 months ago I had my Labrum repaired. Haven't fully recovered so I had another MRI to see what's up and turns out I've got a rotator cuff tear that's fairly severe.

    I'd rather not go through a surgery again as I'm just getting back on the AAS wagon.

    Is it possible to put this thing off and put on size or is the idea a lost cause?

    Ideally I would wait a couple years but if it's going to hinder me incapable of lifting I might just go ahead and have it.

    Fuck man...
  2. I've been lifting with a labrum tear for almost 5 years. I'm definitely not pulling off 2 chest days a week and have to and I'm very limited on pecflys
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  3. ickyrica

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    My personal opinion is getting things fixed, healed and behind you is 1st order of business. It sucks having to look back at some good years in my prime that went to waste because I was banged up and couldn't hit it hard like I should habe been doing.
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    Do you guys feel it's possible to keep any kind of gains through shoulder surgery/recovery?
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    Yes. I think it's very possible. The thing is to not atrophy, muscle memory will take over after rehab I believe
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    I’m almost at 11 weeks post op & it’s a very slow rehab I’m finding out. Everyone is diff of course but my tendon was 90% off the bone and completely off when I finally did surgery also some bicep tendinitis which they cleaned.I did PT before surgery hoping that would help but at the end of the day I opted for surgery. My workouts were suffering before surgery anyways so if your in that boat I’d say get the surgery. I’ve def lost some muscle and they’ll be days of frustration because you can’t even lift your arm never mind lift weights. Good luck whichever you decide