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    11 months ago I had my Labrum repaired. Haven't fully recovered so I had another MRI to see what's up and turns out I've got a rotator cuff tear that's fairly severe.

    I'd rather not go through a surgery again as I'm just getting back on the AAS wagon.

    Is it possible to put this thing off and put on size or is the idea a lost cause?

    Ideally I would wait a couple years but if it's going to hinder me incapable of lifting I might just go ahead and have it.

    Fuck man...
  2. I've been lifting with a labrum tear for almost 5 years. I'm definitely not pulling off 2 chest days a week and have to and I'm very limited on pecflys
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    My personal opinion is getting things fixed, healed and behind you is 1st order of business. It sucks having to look back at some good years in my prime that went to waste because I was banged up and couldn't hit it hard like I should habe been doing.
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    Do you guys feel it's possible to keep any kind of gains through shoulder surgery/recovery?
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    Yes. I think it's very possible. The thing is to not atrophy, muscle memory will take over after rehab I believe
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    I’m almost at 11 weeks post op & it’s a very slow rehab I’m finding out. Everyone is diff of course but my tendon was 90% off the bone and completely off when I finally did surgery also some bicep tendinitis which they cleaned.I did PT before surgery hoping that would help but at the end of the day I opted for surgery. My workouts were suffering before surgery anyways so if your in that boat I’d say get the surgery. I’ve def lost some muscle and they’ll be days of frustration because you can’t even lift your arm never mind lift weights. Good luck whichever you decide
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    If you have some damage, get it fixed. I tore my labrum and roughed it out for years. I could feel it grinding & moving, and if I moved the wrong way too fast I'd lose my arm for around 5 seconds, just tingles. Got to where I could lift at all.

    Fast forward to when I finally went. X-ray looked like shit, bones torn up. MRI looked even worse. Labrum healed itself with slack around the capsule so it allowed the shoulder bones to shift back and forth. By doing this it created two separate shoulder sockets with a widows peak in the middle to help hold the bone till I hit a movement or angle that let the bone slide to the other pocket.

    Partial replace. Insurance refused to do the whole replace because I was 43 at the time. They said 55 or older for full replace so they wouldn't have to pay for it twice if I outlived the replacement.

    50 now and I have to go back in five years to get the Glennoid side done. I lift like a mfkr but chest day & shoulder day r fkn torture.

    I say all that to say this. Don't b a fkn dumbass, if sum'n wrong, go get it fixed. It's a marathon, not a race
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    GET IT FIXED or risk injuring that newly repaired labrum or long term shoulder instability.

    I’d also suggest you cease lifting like a bull now and embrace the concept of maintenance rather than gains.

    I say this bc IME the majority who do not head such a warning, end up with some very F’d shoulders.

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  9. This is my 3rd time with rotator cuff hell, but I am making progress. They take a long time to heal . 35lb DBs are now my norm. I do alot of PT DB flyes-type exercises with a 5lber dumbbell
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    Hang in there and I myself had damaged my left rotator 7 years ago and was lucky not to have torn it but severely strained it. Took me 4 months to get that arm functional and I did exercises like you mentioned. No joke neglecting any injury and now my right shoulder has an impingement due to a bone spur from a shoulder fracture from when I was 6 years old...fell out of a tree :eek:
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    Just came across this I hurt my right shoulder flat benching I've been roughing for 6 months chest days now feel like someone is sticking a knife in it and I dropped weight by half of what I was lifting after reading this I'm going to make appointment with orthopedic hopefully its not to bad not being able to train but at 50% capacity sucks probably should have been went considering my gains have been slow
  12. Iron born

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    Put the long bar down on bench press. Pick up dumbells and don't look back. They don't lock your shoulder in one position. They allow for more natural and free single arm movement. Also, try to stay away from incline pressing. There's plenty of workarounds for upper chest.
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