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    Hi all,

    A total newb here, was really into bodybuilding in my late teens into my early 20’s. Life happened and I got fat, really fat. Long story short been working my ass off in the gym and the kitchen. Getting back to where I was in my early 20’s again. My heaviest 2 years ago was 320lbs, currently sitting 187 and 13% and change Bf. I am in the gym just about everyday seem to have my nutrition dialed in, and chugging along. I am 43 and another Canadian.

    Never taken AAS but Researched as much as I could in my early years. Now starting to research it again, just found my old anabolic reference guide from 20 some years ago. Lots has changed over the years.... I am thinking it may be time, once I get the enough info to be comfortable with getting. I have an idea of my first stack, dosage, AI, and pct just need to figure out the rest.

    Hoping to learn lots from you folks, and if I step out of line please kick my ass back inline.

    Thanks for having me.

  2. 320lbs down to 187lbs. :eek: Impressive, sir!
    Welcome to the jungle.
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    Thanks looking forward to all the help and advice. Just creeping the threads right now waiting for a chance to weigh in
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