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  1. I haven't been on in quite a while but I've been reading mixed things about both sources getting busted. I have ordered from both in the past and now running low on GH and needed more but not sure what to do. Im not even sure if the email addresses I have are even still in use. If someone can pm me or point me in the direction of preferably TPs new email that would be sweet.
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    Should of did some reading instead of making this stupid thread.
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    TP is around.
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    good try I'm sure everyone is going to send you their source information. do some reading .
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    I just think it's funny you made this thread and your name is the
    "gear specialist" :)
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    I've seen both of these sources mentioned but cannot find them. Could someone point me to a thread in the underground or maybe tell me what the letters stand for so I can find them myself?
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    Pd is done
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    Hopefully tp sticks around until sept, im gonna want to run his a year or so
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    Got other sources in the underground for the same brand
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    Im from eu, and ordering directly from tp was always convenient.
    Ordering outside from eu, theyre going to open my pack 1000%.
    Within eu (or from uk) its all safe
  12. Yeah and TP takes three years to reply.. so if you need your gh might be out in the cold for a minute