TP Black Tops How Do You Know Its Been Kept Cold

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  1. So how do you know that the HGH that you got from TP has been kept at the optimal temperature, and does it really matter that much in powder form?

    I just got some black tops from a friend who got them from TP and he has kept them in the fridge but say they were not kept in the fridge for a few days at some point just for some odd reason, does that mean that they are less potent?
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    The side of the vial has blue mountains that appear if kept Rocky mountain cold
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  3. Oh I see it now. I must be blind. My bad, we can delete this thread now.
  4. On a real note, in powder form, could hgh be completely trashed by not keeping it cold?
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    It's a joke man, just having fun lol.

    It's probably fine, considering the time of year I wouldn't be worried about crazy heat. It can take a decent jostle and be just fine as well.

    No harm intended man.
  6. Lol I know man, I actually got a kick out of that. The title of the thread was kinda dumb seeing that theres no way of knowing if hgh has been kept cold. But thanks for the reply
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    I laughed pretty hard at that!

    I hate to not answer and shit up the thread more but is TP basically the cheapest? Rough estimation of price per kit?
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    Less than 100 depends on which color top you want.
  9. What is TP?
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    A dealer, I don't think it's a big deal to post his name but I won't. You can PM though. He's one of the big chinese sources, I believe a lot of these domestic guys are just resellers of his product.
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    You would be surprised how resilient your GH is. I wouldn't even worry about shipping it in the summer months personally.

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    Just be careful, if it gets too warm (even in powder form), it can mutate and cause appendages to grow, and other unwanted sides such as new teeth to grow and asymmetrical foot size, etc. etc. Just be safe.
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    Sounds like I need to cook up some GH. I could use a couple new teeth from my meth days!
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    Legend has it the power in Dave Palumbo's house went out, causing his fridge to die and leading to the distended gut.
  15. It's a thin paper, used to clean your hind end, after the evacuation of digested food.
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    I actually thought it was from just being so full of shit?
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    That's funny lol. Clever my friend.
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    I'd be concerned about it being kept cold. Unless they are using the technology EMD Serono uses to make Serostim, which I highly doubt they are, then it should be refrigerated even before mixed, as Serostim is one of the only products that can be stored at room temp before reconstitution. I'd be even more worried about degradation occurring before it even got here, as sitting in a shipping container in the heat is not good for GH, and degradation likely occurs.
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    I wouldn't be concerned and no significant degradation occurs, otherwise I'd be seeing it.

    FYI there are generics on the market that score better in the parameters tested than Serostim. Regularly.