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  1. Enyopants

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    Does anyone know if TP is still around? I’ve tried ordering twice & haven’t heard back. Usually get a reply in a day or two buts it’s been weeks & I wanted to reorder before my last kit runs out
  2. ItsDaBoii

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    use his anonymousspeech mail
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  3. mands

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    See above. His is not working.

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  4. Enyopants

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    Awesome, thanks man!!!
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  5. kilsong

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    Can u come back once u get ur order and tell us how long it took?
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  6. Enyopants

    Enyopants Junior Member

    Yeah no problem!! Last time I ordered it took about 3-4 weeks but I’ll update with a new order!
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  7. kilsong

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    Many many thanks.
  8. TRT.

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    How long ago was that T/A?
  9. Logan44551

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    Where the heck you been?!
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  10. You joined yesterday, you're 5 posts in and you're already fishing for details on sources. Man, you noobs really grind my gears.

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  11. TRT.

    TRT. Junior Member

    I've been watching you guys.

    The fucking nerve of us, huh? lol
    Can't log into my old account to save my life so I made a new one. Plus i think most of us just look at the pics to recognize one another anyways. Don't care about post count. I feel like its an ego thing anyways.
  12. TRT@40

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    I thought it was you TRT that came back after being away for a while. Then I noticed a period after TRT in the screen name and you had only a few post. This led me to think it is someone else or someone is trying to imitate you. Your screen name stands out to me as it is similar to mine...
    I had been wondering where you go man? Hope all has been well with you!
    And welcome back!
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  13. TRT.

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    Ya I think it was cause i didn't sign in for so long and i made the account years ago so idk. Just made a new one.
    All is good just hit a few rough spots and didn't have the mental space or time to be on here. I use to spend hours reading on here. I'm actually late for the gym now cause i'm on here. lol
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  14. TRT@40

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    Glad to see you back and at it again. It takes a stronger character to make it through rough times, make forward while battling difficulties and get back to what is of great interest.
  15. TideGear

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    I thought the slin got the best of you tbh. Thought maybe you were a goner
  16. MadBret

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    @TRT. @Millard Baker may be able to get you back into your old account... although it sounds like you don't really care. Welcome back.
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  17. TRT.

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    Sounds experience talking right there. Its life. If you didn't have bad days there wouldn't be good days.

    Oh god no. I'm far to careful. If you read any of my old posts on insulin you'll see that people are chasing their insulin with food rather then chasing their blood sugar with insulin.

    Ya I hit him up already. He's got more important things to do and the post count shit doesn't really matter to me.
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  18. Sthub03

    Sthub03 Member

    My last hgh order from TP was in june 2020. Always his anonymous mail for me.
    history of 2 years orders with him.
    always 3-4 weeks to receive gh after paiement
  19. rfan2020

    rfan2020 Member

    3 to 4 is consistent with my experience.
  20. hghlover

    hghlover Member

    Is his greys still top quality?
    People are saying they are not the same anymore