TP Mauves or Godtropin

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  1. I have TP mauves and Godtropin on hand. Which of these would you guys run on a blast and at cruise? I’ve heard a lot about sides on mauves at higher ius. Also what are you alls thoughts on degradation of lyophilized hgh druing shipping above 104.

    I plan to run 7iu two weeks before, during, and two weeks after my blast. I’ll drop to 4iu two weeks after my blast. So I’ll be 16 weeks at 7iu.
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    What is your past experience using hgh? You dont have to get to detailed, just dosage, etc. I am also starting to get back into it. In the past I ran mainly serostim and tried a couple of generics. But cant afford the serostim anymore and am looking into the alternative. Im pretty certain I am sending a vial off for testing on one soon.
  3. This is my first run with it. I have single kit that I got because I could get started quicker while waiting on shipping from my other two suppliers I listed. I started at 3iu week 1 and went to 4iu week 2. I’ll hold for two weeks and then go to 5iu. Prevented I don’t have any sides. And so on. Until I hit 7iu I’ll hold for two weeks and then start my blast. I have a high natural igf-1 to start with.

    I am going to blast Test at 750mg and NPP at 500mg.

    And I’m sure some people wouldn’t agree to my ramp up strategy. And I’ve heard several methods to the ramp up approach but can’t find a good reason to not go with the method I’ve chosen. If I heard a solid reason to slow it down I may.
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    Why would you blast and cruise with a certain source ? You can use godtropin and mauves to blast and/or cruise ? I dont get this question
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  5. I’ve heard shitload of people complain about sides on higher dose of mauves.
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    Hmm i never really had a problem with them, just worked my way up with the dosage. Just try it out and see how you feel.
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    I too have read of the sides with mauves, but read it could possibly be an individual thing as everyone running them high aren't getting sides. If I had to pick, I'd blast the godtropin, but just my opinion.
  8. I have both of them right now.

    I wont know the difference for a month or two... but if someone reminds me....i'll be able to post bloods and give a review of the differences.

    I dont like switching between products all willy nilly.

    I'll finish my run of one of them.. get IGF1
    Then run the other at the same dosage and get bloods checked.. maybe 2 weeks into it.
  9. @Silentlemon1011 Thats why I’m trying to decide who I’m going to run high first. I have 600iu of Mauve and 480iu of Godtropin. Both will take me through my blast. I just don’t want to start one and have to switch.
  10. Both have good reviews and labs.

    Just a suggestion... but if your timing is crucial and dosage is going to be very particular... I would recommend the Mauves.
    TP has been around forever and his product is always solid.
    I'm not trying to hate on anyone elses gear or products... but TP is like fucking Johnson and Johnson... it's a household name lol.

    I only run 2iu.. and TBH I go mostly by "Feelz" (Registered trademark of BigBaldBeardGuy)

    So if I'm off a bit or the counts come back a little funky..I dont care.
    Both work from what I can tell.. but take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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