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  1. picholas

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    Nothing crazy but was going to try to get it to hold at 150mgTPP/100mgNPP in MCT oil. 1% BA and 19% BB. Does this sound reasonable? Trying to avoid EO and Miglyol for this one.
  2. TRT

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    Maybe 100 and 100 per month but 150 TPP sounds tough with 100NPP in there.
  3. picholas

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    Damn, I've seen the 100/100 blends but I don't want to brew another batch of just TPP at 100 and pull a half a cc out each time.

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to hit that concentration? Is it that unreasonable?
  4. darkmarine

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    In my opinion when u go higher than 100 in test pp u should used eo for the solution to hold
  5. picholas

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    All EO or do you think I can do a 50/50 split with MCT?
  6. darkmarine

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    50/50 would hold and will not give you any pip with a 2%ba
  7. picholas

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    Is 50/50 the least EO you'd use? 60/40 or 70/30 pushing it?

    And if using 2% BA would you change the BB or is 19% still good?

    Thanks brother
  8. darkmarine

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    2%ba and 18%bb should work fine and I like eo so I never try anything less than half
  9. Eman

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    I got TPP to hold with 15% bb I believe it was... Wasnt difficult at all. NPP was a little more tricky though.
  10. Iron Vett

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    When experimenting, brew it with just your bb and let it cool and sit for a couple of days. If it holds that way, you know the carrier shouldn't matter. If it crashes really fast, you'll know you need a reasonably soluble carrier
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  11. picholas

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    @LordSamuilo @Iron Vett

    Thanks for your help. Using your guys combined advice I got TnE to hold at 100mg with only 1%BA and 5%Guaia.

    Going to try to tackle Dianabol Inject next but only @50mg/ml so I'm feeling confident after this.
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  12. picholas

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    Just tried the NPP/TPP blend. Made a sample 30ml batch @ 150TPP/100NPP MCT and some EO, 1%BA and 19%BB