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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by picholas, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. picholas

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    I am a pretty old fashion guy and I used to jot down my workouts in a notepad with the usual

    Body Part

    And I am particularly OCD about this when on cycle. So to make it easier I started typing everything up and tracking it in this excel document I made. One of the gyms I go to gets packed when college starts as it is near a campus. So I was working in between sets and the guy I was sharing the machine with was looking over my workout.

    It was a little odd, and then he came up to me and asked if I do this for every workout. I said yep, and he said he used to as well until his friend recommended this mobile app.

    Just downloaded today and input my workout and going to try it out. Was wondering if anyone else uses it and what they think of it?
  2. Rigger622

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    Yup I use it and it works for my purpose. You can go into a lot of detail on it and it is a pretty popular app. It helps me keep track when i start a new workout program but once I get my routine down I tend to veer away from it. I did check out all its features when I first got it and its pretty impressive to what you can track. Two apps I use are Jefit and Myfitnesspal and they serve my purpose.
  3. Perrin Aybara

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    Would it let you map out months ahead of time and fill in the weights used as you go?

    I use my notepad app to plan out a few months ahead of time as far as reps, RPE or percentages, a range for the number of sets, etc. Then log my weights and actual number of sets done as I go. Haven't found an app yet that can do what I would need it to.
  4. nervje

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    Im a software developer and im bored, i could try to create this app.
    You should give me some more details, maybe we can do it for fun
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  5. Perrin Aybara

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    Well, when planning a workout it would look something like this:

    Deadlift x2 @RPE 9 + back off sets at -15% until RPE 9
    There would also two ramp up sets of 2 at 90% and 95% before the peak set of 2

    Then after doing that workout the weights for all the sets would be filled in. What would be cool would be to track total volume for each main lift and also projected 1RM from the heavy sets based on the RPE. That way those things could be tracked over time. What I do now is just plug the number into a 1RM calculator and take into account the RPE. For instance x2 @9 you can just plug in as a max x3 because x2 @9 just means 2 reps with 1 in the tank.

    I've made stuff with a spreadsheet before, it's just so clunky and time consuming I end up abandoning it and going back to notepad app.
  6. nervje

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    Personally i was planning to create an app long time ago already but was too lazy. I receive my new pc on monday so thats something i look forward too.
    A powerlifting tool, and some extra stuff. If its not too fancy looking designwise this would be manageable pretty fast too
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  7. picholas

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    What is Myfitnesspal, similar to jeftit? Or do you use it for something different?

    Do you have JEFIT? You should download it if not for an idea, I am liking it to the point that I am considering paying for the full version.
  8. Perrin Aybara

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    There's some formulas for calculating 1RM. Making it work with RPE would be simple.

    100x2 @RPE 9 would be the same as 100x3.

    Actual number of reps + (10 - RPE) = number to use.

    100x2 @RPE 8 would be like 100x4

    2 + (10 - 8) = 4

    Plug that end number in the 1RM formula. Easy. Total volume is easy, too. Weight x reps x sets. Like I said, I've done this with spreadsheets, it's just too clunky and time consuming to use regularly.
  9. Rigger622

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    It’s different, I use it to track macros, calories and such