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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by nervje, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. nervje

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    Ok so i have pulled or torn my lat muscle last week, pain went away over the week so i thought it was alright. Did some light lat pulldowns yesterday and when i got home i felt a sharp pain in my lats when stretching.
    I dont know what kind of injury it really is, and i can not get a doctors appoinment in the near future to get checkes because they fucking suck
    So obviously i have to stop training my back and rest.
    What kind of exercises can i do without using lats too much?
    Especially on legs, chest, and shoulder day?
    Hope someone can help me out
  2. Apexvallen

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    I tried doing chest with severe lat pain and it was nigh on impossible. I didn't realise I used/tensed my lat so much. I gave up on bench press and tried machines, and it was seriously almost worse. Ended up doing a million sets of pec dec just to get the blood in there but I honestly, I couldn't get a good workout in. Even heavy bicep barbell curls sorta made me feel it so I switched to dumbbells curls and that was fine.. Maybe focus on bis and triceps and legs till its better? I'm not much help cos I ended up getting pissed and just leaving without trying other stuff.
  3. SuperMaroid

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    Listen to your body. If you do an exercise and you feel pain dont continue to try and do it. You will make the injury worse. Usually a strain takes about 6 weeks to heal. I would go light and go through the motions. Focus on arms and legs for now until your fully recovered. I really recommend trying to see a doctor.
  4. miketee

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    I pulled my hamstring a few months back. I was squatting 4 days later and took it easy until I no longer felt it. The week I went hard I pulled it again. I’m at week 6 now after the second injury and only have done good mornings on squat days as well as been on 4IU hgh since a week after the original injury. I’m going to slowly ease into it and pray it doesn’t happen again. Point of the story is let that shit heal bro. Your lats are used for every exercise in the gym. It’s probably the worst thing you can injure. I’d consider taking at least a couple weeks off.
  5. nervje

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    I have like 30 ius of hgh left from my last hgh run but dont think a weeks supply will help much out, does it?
  6. Big_paul

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    If it was serious you couldn't train. I have become an expert in training around injuries in my 40 years of lifting. Just take it easy. I wouldn't stretch until you heal up some.
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    Do lower body for 6 weeks, and then slowly start to bring in upper body exercises with light weights.
  8. Big_paul

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    Good advice. Years ago I had severe tendenitis working biceps. I stopped working bis for a couple months and focused on tris. I made great progress and allowed time for my tendons to heal. Work what you can and allow injuries to heal.
  9. MindlessWork

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    Best advice ^^

    When I strained my left bicep it was hard to do any lift except leg press or even cardio. But I did use the 2lb db's to start rehabbing my bicep 2 weeks after the injury. Now 8 months later I am back to doing a full routine.
  10. miketee

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    No I doubt it does anything. Most people suggest a 6-8 month run. I’m almost 3 months in on an 8 month supply. Black tops are cheap as hell right now and at 15IU/vial, blood work comes back amazing even as low as 4IU daily.

    If you are doing leg work don’t free squat or deadlift. For once I recommend the machines. Cables are probably best as putting plates on a leg press is going to require engaging your lats. I’d take a couple weeks off first though.
  11. nervje

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    Best example on stretching:
    I dont feel pain, but a little tingling when stretching it - like muscle is connected through only a few fibers and when i stretch the muscle its like i tear off fiber for fiber - kinda tingly.
    But if it was the case, tearing fibers, it normally hurts right?
    So would this be more of a mindfuck?
    Also i can execute lat pulldowns with moderate weight without any pain too.
    The whole thing happened 2 weeks ago, i already was at hospital 4 times here, they prescribe pain medication (which i dont need, im not limited in life at all, i dont feel any pain - just a pressury feeling throughout the day, it got less already, and the feeling i have when stretching as described above).
    Im trying to get an mri scan but it seems to not work. I cant even get a specialists appointment, theyre all booked out until next year, they wint even give me an appointment, so self diagnosis it is..
    Stupid question: would my current run of test and deca decrease the pain i would feel on a tear or do my described symptoms sound more like a strain/pull to you?
    Also, when would one be allowed to train when tearing stuff? When no pain or discomfort is present anymore? Or would one have to wait longer than that?
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  12. miketee

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    A couple months ago an nfl receiver pulled his hamstring and limped off the field. Next day he was on the injury report with a min 6 weeks off. That’s with the best treatment in the world.