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    Good evening everyone,

    First post, surely won't be my last. I'm still in the planning phase of cycle #1. One thing I've seen a lot of debate on is how to train in order to maximize what you can get out of a cycle. I'm one of those types that needs high frequency and many sets to keep progressing. I ask because I tend to vary my upper body work (I'll use bench as an example), with one day being heavier with 5-7 sets between 2-5 reps, another day being 5 sets of 10, and a 3rd being low weight with very short rest.

    I don't post here expecting some revelation, but I will gladly settle for what people "tend to do" more often than not, as a starting point for me.

    I gladly confess that I am a novice in the lifestyle, but am quite the opposite in medicine.

    Any guidance/suggestions are appreciated. Regardless, my research continues.
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    You shouldn't be training any differently on cycle. You will have the ability to increase your intensity, but other than that... Nothing else to really change
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    Sound advice, thanks. Just looking to not do something too goofy.
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    No cycling here since TRT, but my training regime is very much different than when not on TRT. The following things have changed primary:

    1.) Weight (of course)
    2.) Volume of sets (never tire or get sore)
    3.) Training body parts 2-3 times per week depending on the body part

    Abs, calves, traps as much as you can possibly do them. Seems like these muscle groups have to be beaten into submission.
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  5. I don’t feel as if I aim to train any differently in or off cycle. Always aim to keep intensity high and progressively build up weight/reps over time and always keep a log book to keep myself challenged. . Only difference is on cycle can easily make week to week advances with weight or reps. Off cycles not so much, recovery time may take a bit longer but I never really aim to completely beat myself into the ground every workout or any rarely at that, may take an extra off day here and there but nothing wrong with that. Still aim to hit every muscle group 2x per week. And yeah off cycle strength may decrease a bit. But imo that’s just a given and makes me want to work that much more to hit numbers off cycle as I do on cycle. Do my best to maintain size without sacrificing too much body composition. Most of all just enjoy it.
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    Right on, thanks. So you feel like your motivation is higher when coming off cycle? A fear of mine is losing motivation when coming off because of seeing so much slip away. It goes without saying that there is at least SOME loss, but what I'm after is knowing that there's a worthwhile net gain when a cycle is done. Is that consistent with your experience and how so?

    Sounds like the plan would be to just go at it normally and crank up the intensity as I gain.
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    I think recovery is a bit faster, so frequency can be increased assuming caloric needs are met. I would say "on cycle" is a good time to "over train" lagging areas.... Maybe you can train legs 1x a week off cycle, you may get 2 good leg days a week on cycle, assuming diet and recovery is on point.... This is also the time to really focus on nutrition and keep your body running on rocket fuel!