Training Differently On Cycle

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    Good evening everyone,

    First post, surely won't be my last. I'm still in the planning phase of cycle #1. One thing I've seen a lot of debate on is how to train in order to maximize what you can get out of a cycle. I'm one of those types that needs high frequency and many sets to keep progressing. I ask because I tend to vary my upper body work (I'll use bench as an example), with one day being heavier with 5-7 sets between 2-5 reps, another day being 5 sets of 10, and a 3rd being low weight with very short rest.

    I don't post here expecting some revelation, but I will gladly settle for what people "tend to do" more often than not, as a starting point for me.

    I gladly confess that I am a novice in the lifestyle, but am quite the opposite in medicine.

    Any guidance/suggestions are appreciated. Regardless, my research continues.
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    You shouldn't be training any differently on cycle. You will have the ability to increase your intensity, but other than that... Nothing else to really change
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    Sound advice, thanks. Just looking to not do something too goofy.