Training for size. Rep schemes, rest periods and weight. What’s best for serious mass?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by TorroXL, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Who’s doing what for serious size. I know food is the most anabolic substance in the world. I’m getting my foods in. Any suggestions on weight, rep schemes and rest periods? As well as what excersizes..
  2. You tell us what you're doing. It's obviously working.
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    Ty brutha. The beautiful thing about meso is there is always an opportunity to learn more:) Honestly, I just kind of wing it;)
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    I think you'd like Jordan Peters style of training... Heavy weights failing at around 8 reps, then on to the next exercise.... Progressive overload seems to be the most effective method.
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    I've had success with both 6-8 reps as well as 12-20

    Legs definitely grow much better with 20s and back with 8

    45-60 seconds rest
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    I like to alternate using the shock principal made famous by Arnold. I respond best to Dorian Yates style of warming up and 1 balls to the wall working set for each exercise. So I do both. When I don’t have a spotter I use machines and concentrate on full contraction and slow negative movements doing more sets in the 8-12 rep range. When I do have a partner or spotter I go heavy as I can after warming up the 4-6 rep range. Every few weeks I do some supersets or low rest periods.
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    On my full body training days it’s usually 2 sets per exercise 8-15 reps. On my upper/lower days it’s sets for 4-8 reps followed by back off sets from 10-20 reps. I like to do a squat widow maker for 20 as well a banded jammer strength widow maker for chest and shoulders. Black widow maker is either pullover machine or rope cable straight arm pull downs.
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    I’m leaning towards 6-8 reps too. I’m also gonna tinker with my warm up sets. Rest periods are another thing. I’m gonna shoot for 2 minat least, between the heavier sets.
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    I’ve read on dorians training and love it. It’s fueled by intensity, rather then volume. The balls to the wall set I’m gonna shoot for about 80% of 1RM
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    Train for the pump to grow. Mid to high reps, moderate weight. Lots of supersets, complexes and minimal rest between sets.

    30-45 seconds is enough. More than 1.5-2 minutes is too much recovery and more for heavy strength training.

    I've trained strength for years, yet never really got big . I'm currently training for size and have reduced my weights and increased my reps /sets. Fucks with your head when you are used to lifting much more but... I'm getting bigger. Skin ripping pumps every workout is the goal......
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    Man, I've ONLY had just about the opposite experience. Funny how we're all different. The "Dorian" approach of training to ABSOLUTE failure, then on to the next exercise, has worked best for me. In theory, progressive overload (more weight, for more reps, over time), should yield a solid amount of hypertrophy. The more "metabolic" methods, such as drop sets, giant sets, etc. seem to condition me, and retain my muscle more in a deficit.

    Not saying you're wrong, as I do not believe you are. Just pointing out we're all so different in terms of what works...
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    It is pretty crazy. Guess that's why guys need to experiment to figure out what works for them...
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    I just switched to higher reps lighter weight this week. From years of 4-10 reps. Will keep posted
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    The thing that I believe has helped me is dialing BACK my training. I'm in the gym 3 days a week right now and loving it. I absolutely murder it while I'm there and i feel the extra rest has really helped my growth and recovery. Sometimes less can be more.
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  15. Absolutely agree. i've seen some posit that you can't overtrain while on steroids. i don't believe that for a minute and i WON'T buy that for a dollar!
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    I like DC style and high frequency. Perfect example would be DC training, fortitude training, for a few cycles, then a volume cycle, then a strength cycle.

    I really like weightedchinups dual factor program he posted on here.
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    I am no expert but what seems to be working for me is....

    1-2 months of quick warm up set and then balls to wall max weight for 3 sets of 8. If I finish then move up next time, if not then try same weight next time.


    1-2 months of pyramids continually adding weight.

    I am far from huge but am making steady gains in size and strength this way.
  18. 2 Power Days (upper and lower body)
    • Power movements 3 sets 3-5
    • Secondary movements
    1. 3 sets 6-10
    2. Second one 2 sets 6-10
    • Primary Shoulder Exercise 3 sets 6-10
    • Bicep/tricep movement 3 sets 6-10
    3 Hypertrophy Days (back/Shoulders, chest/Arms, 2nd leg day)
    • Same power movement 4 sets 8-10
    • Secondary movements
    1. 3 sets 8-12
    2. 3 sets 12-15
    3. 2 sets 15-20
    • Shoulders
    1. 3 sets 8-12 (overhead press)
    2. 2 sets 12-15 (normally upright rows)
    3. 2 sets 15-20 (side lateral movement)
    4. Switch back and forth for rear delts between 8-12 rep range for 3 sets and also 3 sets of 30,25, &20.
    • Bicep/tricep movements
    1. 3 sets 8-12
    2. 2 sets 12-15
    3. 2 sets 15-20
    Obviously do a bunch of feeder sets for most movements. Been running this program for roughly going on 5 months now and has been the most enjoyable routine for me to date. Strength has increased substantially. Normally throw some tweaks in there from week to week from some of John Meadows programs as well. Especially on leg day. (Platz Hack Squats are a game changer)
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    Anyone heard from the Tank?
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    Platz Hack Squats? Going to look that one up.