Training legs with injuries .....


Hey guys, I was recently in a car accident that left my lower back considerably messed up. I thought it was getting better and started squatting again, only to have it feel much worse. So I am planning on giving squats a rest for awhile.
As of the last couple days me knees are really bothering me when I do leg presses and extensions. I feel like I'm not getting enough work done on my legs with the injuries I am working around.
So here I am asking for some advice. Any ideas? Thanks


Super light weight front squats? I know when I was having upper back issues I only did fronts for like 6 months, no pain and my squat was actually as strong or stronger when I started back squatting again.

Not sure if it will be ok with a lower back issue, but if the weights are kept moderate and form is strict so back is not being pressured too much then maybe?


Man, honestly, FUCK SQUATS!

You don't need to do squats to get muscular legs, I finally woke up and ditched them. Guess what? My knees don't hurt anymore either! I haven't wrapped my knees in forever and they've never felt better!

Did Dorian Yates have small quads? He ditched squats too! I say do what works for you


Belt Squats and Trap Bar Deadlifts both hit quads / glutes without loading the spine. You could also do Landmine Hack Squats and Split Squats.

I personally find that Good Mornings are easier on my back than RDLs. But GHR would be another good hamstring sub.

Using cables to Hamstring curl off a Bench is fucking killer too. It feels awkward at first, but the constant tension is unreal.
I hurt my back a few months ago. Squats and leg press were a no go. I was still able to goblet squats, smith machine squat to bench (this took pressure off as I was basically sitting, then standing up), hamstrings, calves. Extensions didnt hurt tho so I continued to do them.

Hope you heal up quick.
Belt squats. Pick up a Spud inc belt squat belt and loading pin and find something to stand on. I use the assisted pull up/dip machine as the platforms you climb up to use the machine are the perfect distance apart and height to load up 35's on the loading pin and squat with.


No back problems here, but I need partial replacements in both knees. I’m not going down that route until I can barely walk. Bought a Thergun and work it around the knees before, after, and throughout the day on leg days. Does wonders for mobility and the pain, but they still hurt for days after a leg day. Anything with bending of the knees hurts so I do what I want and deal with the pain. Best of luck to ya. Hope you heal up.
I found while going through physiotherapy for severe back issues my therapist had me doing quarter reps a lot. Not going to full extension helped me quite a bit. Took 5 years to be able to dead lift and squat again.


Have you ever done any BFR training? You could do that in the meantime while you give your lower back and knees a bit of a break. You will wobble out of the gym without lifting anything heavy. Also maybe lighten up on quad extensions they can be killer on your patella.
Belt squats or split squats imo.

I do Bulgarian split squats instead of back squats when my back is bugging me and they seem to not aggravate it.

Just grab a pair of lightish dumbells and do high reps.


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Depending on your age and ability to heal, you might want to consider just "going through the motions" with legs. Pick several balanced exercises that cause the least pain, and just do perfectly controlled high reps to get a pump. Maybe some GVT style slow negative work. That really gives a pump with low weights. If you are seeing a physio or such for your back, prioritize that work over leg development. Back injuries are the worst. If you play it right, you might be back to solid leg work in a year (or less). Don't be one of the guys who constantly re-injures it and is still suffering 3 years later (or longer).