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    Decided to start this as I'm sure some people will be wondering what some of @MacBuilt 's clients are up to and how it's going. I'll update as I go, the more interaction there is here more likely I'll keep this updated more frequently.

    Goals: MB asked what my long term goal was, and he probably meant in the next year or so, but whatever. I basically want an aesthetic look of lean, muscular, and proportioned with no real emphasis on a particular area. A stage ready look would probably put me around 180-190lbs. When I got pictures over I'm sure he laughed and changed that goal from 1 year to 5 years.

    Beginning Stats: 30, 5'10ish, 205, BF in the 20s
    History: 165-170 with BF in the low teens before multiple accidents, surgeries, etc.
    My Short Term Goal: Drop 30-40lbs

    The Plan: I told MB I'm focused on the long term and what happens in between is flexible. Obviously I don't want to look like shit for 3 years then tighten up at the very end and I don't need to be shredded by Memorial Day. MB came up with a plan to focus more on recomp than a pure fat cutting program so we're adding strength and mass as we go.

    The Timeframe: This round will be 4 months which kicked off yesterday, we're setting up a framework for a month then hitting it hard for 3 months to cut down as much as possible while adding strength gains, so basically a hardcore recomp. As we get closer to the end of the first month we'll assess the progress and he'll tell me what I need to do to get a step closer to my end goal.

    The Diet: Total macros around 2,000 calories, eating about 8 times a day between solid meals and shakes. Mix of various proteins, carbs, and fats that correspond with the time of day and workout routine and how the body is responding to the stimuli. I can look at the time of day, work out plan, and meal plan and see why each part of the diet is where it is.

    I was asked about diet restrictions, food preference, and timing restrictions, I told MB I was completely open to diet and he's given me a variety throughout the day so it's possible that no meal is the same.

    Training: In the past, before life hit, I did a circuit type training with a focus on 10 reps and increasing weight when I got to 12. I was eating 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day and gaining about a pound a week while losing fat, very slowly, but I wasn't in a hurry. This time around I continued that circuit training but a focus on heavier, 7 rep sets. With an ok diet and training I lost 15lbs with a noticeable gain in mass these last 4 months.

    MB wanted to keep some of the circuit elements in the training as I enjoyed keeping my heart rate elevated throughout the workout and he formatted the plan. I'm doing 5 Days a week in the gym with the body broken down into 3 categories; back/bi/calf, chest/tri shoulders, and Legs. 2-3 different types of cardio sessions mixed in the week after each workout. No more than 1 day off from the gym.

    Special Note here, the gym I have access to is very limited. Meaning no squat or bench press, no barbells, and no more than 150lbs of free weight available, the rest are machines. He still came up with a custom workout to kick my ass and get the most out of it.

    Supplements: Right now I'm only taking a multi-vitamin and organ support.

    "Supplements": I'm on TRT. He asked about past usage in the on-boarding questionnaire and if I was trying to use them going forward. He asked me what my idea for a cycle would be and hasn't brought it up since, i.e. he doesn't seem think drugs are the key to my success. We'll cross that bridge when we get there and weigh the pros and cons.

    Communication: Everything is quick and If I haven't checked in at some point in the day he's messaging me. If I don't know something I ask and he takes the time to explain. Even over the weekend and odd times I didn't wait more than a few hours for an answer and he had the plans to me in plenty of time to discuss and coordinate. When I give feedback to a diet or training issue he has the correction back to me instantly.

    I'll update some of the day to day stuff tomorrow and respond to questions and comments as the come. As for pictures I don't really post them often but I will get comparison photos posted as I hit some milestones so everyone can see the results.
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    Happy to see this man! And thank you for being open to sharing your experience. No laughter involved; here for goals, doesn’t matter where we start. You were open to changes and willing to learn. I know everyone’s going to be interested in the drugs, so nice cliffhanger. we’ll get there in time.

    I promise I’ll stop checking in every two days once we get situated and you’re cranking away, but looks like you’ve got the training and diet scheme down after a couple days. Perfect.

    Happy to have you and looking forward to making this change with you.
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    What’s the reasoning behind 8 smaller meals a day while trying to cut body fat @MacBuilt ? Subbed for this thread!
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    Subbed in as well. We going to be doing any before and after pics for this log sir?
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    A couple reasons, but note it doesn’t HAVE to be this way. If he decides to tell me to screw and wants to eat 3 meals a day I’ll make it work regardless.

    1. I find smaller meals help to keep cravings away and drive people a way from binge-y habits
    2. This is really only FIVE whole food meals with 3 being liquid based in pre/inta/post workout that all happen in about 2hrs; these are to support an optimal training environment
    3. It builds a much better frame for eventually filling out into higher calorie diets

    He’s a brand new client and I have to learn how he reacts. This gives me an easily assessable starting point. It may be that we switch to an IF sort of diet structure, fewer larger meals, etc etc. we shall see! Nothing is static.
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    To me it’s an easy way to keep full, I’m not working in the mindset of; I’m hungry, I need to eat. I’m constantly working the gut and adding food based on requirements so there’s no crest and trough. It’s also 8 times which includes the shakes so a whole 150 calories for each one of those. I’m not slamming chicken and rice 8 times a day.

    I’ll work on getting pics up every two weeks or so. I’m more hesitant due to the nature of the forum, although I know everyone does it anyway. *looks for foil hat*

    But yes, the thread is essentially worthless without pics so I’ll make sure I get the first comparison set up when I get them taken.
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    Awesome bud. Looking forward to your progress.
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    Well the first three days are nearly done.

    As far as diet I was feeling hungry mid-day and felt like I was packing in too much towards the end but instead of waiting to see if I'd adjust we just moved some timing around. A lot has to do with work flow, if I'm busting my ass then I don't notice the time or think about food and the inverse as well. I piss some people off when they smell my food at 10am but fuck those fat bitches.

    I spent every workout so far just trying to figure out what to do and decode gym talk. I had no idea what a superset or greatset or 21s were before this so a lot of time is spent on google or asking MB questions. Some things I've done and figured out on my own, just didn't know what it was called, so now I have an official name to the movements and structure.

    The other problem is I'm going from sets of 7 reps to sets of 10-12 or even 15 reps so I have no clue what weight to use. I know I can knock out sets of 230lb leg extensions @ 7 reps but no clue what weight I can do 10-12 at so I'm having to play around. Other exercises are foreign to me like dumbbell straight leg dead lifts so I used 60lbs total to focus on form and not fuck my back or knees. I've never used a barbell in my life so things like a squat, bench press or deadlift has all been improvised with dumbbells or used machines.

    Weight this morning was still the same at 204 or whatever but I'm not expecting loss very quickly as we're not on a huge deficit. ~2000 calorie intake and 700 - 900 calories from the gym, that's 1-2lbs of weight loss a week then whatever muscle I can gain which throws numbers off. This is the key reason I believe the scale is just a tool and not a measurement of results. I can say I want to lose 30lbs of fat but to say I just want to lose 30lbs has no context. To me pictures and how I feel are the only measure of success.

    Tomorrow's an off day so I'm going to look at actual gyms to join. The one I have access to is great as it's a 2min walk from my office I'm usually the only one there and I don't have stage fright from being around people, but now that they're closing on weekends that means I'd have two days off in a row. This will also be the better option going forward as I'm not sure the convenience outweighs the limitations on equipment for the results we're wanting. At least Mac got some experience creating a workout plan without the most basic of equipment; barbells, squat rack, etc.

    I'm off to bed as I can tell my lack of sleep with increased training lately is effecting my work and gym performance.
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    This is cool as fuck for real...thats all I got...
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    Subbed, good luck brother
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    Did not know you signed up!

    Great intro. Keep it up, let mac kick your ass and you will be thanking him down the road.

    Are there any plans for extra “supplements” down the road?
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    Today is an off day but I'm totally hurting from legs yesterday, probably why he put a rest day here. The workout managed to hit legs and glutes hard enough with the improvised lifts that I was struggling to get out of my chair and walking funny all day. I'd say that speaks volumes to MacBuilt's ability to get the most out of a workout even with lackluster gym facilities.

    Speaking of lack luster gym facilities, I went and joined one of the typical box gyms at lunch so I'm not limited by the equipment. But that means now I'll be limited by the massive crowds of people that I hate. Really in my area there aren't any low key gyms, they are all the big box brands or crossfit style. So instead of a 2 minute walk it's a 5-10 minute drive but I'll suck it up and get used to it. Didn't take long for the trainers from the gym to start calling wanting to set up a free consultation and fitness assessment :rolleyes:

    Other than that I'm feeling kind of bloated replacing the workout meal/shakes with a whole food meal today. Weight is still negligible and diet/workouts are still on track.
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    I lucked out big time. I hadn't logged in for days, maybe a week or more, and Mac just happened to have posted about this minutes before so I read the thread and messaged him right away.

    I planned to run a 12 week cycle awhile back and stocked up on supplies, almost two months before this all happened. We'll see where we are at the end of this first month and what how much benefit I'll see from what compounds. I'd want to say "yes I will be stacking onto my TRT" but I'm also going to try and listen to the more experienced person I'm paying to help me make those decisions. If anything I suspect we'd be in the 200-350mg range for them.
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    Solid plan. Seems like you have all your ducks in a row.

    And that’s a great ideas out adding to the supplements. It’s diet and training first and foremost
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    It sounds like you're in a position to learn a lot about weightlifting and diet. Very cool that you decided to get coaching to educate yourself rather than throw drugs at this. It sounds like TRT is entirely sufficient for you at this juncture, I think you'll make a lot of progress with that alone.
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    Anyone that isn’t already on a cycle when bringing me in I’ve told to hold off and wait until we get diet and training nailed down and progress moving naturally or on TRT. Guys on cycle I’ve treated on a case by case; some I’ve asked to come off (but no demands made), some I’ve recommended to stay on. I am in no way going to tell someone yes or no, I just recommend.

    Right now MP is in a position to maintain TRT while optimizing the rest. His results the first few weeks will be reflective of that. I’m not here to create clients who only know how to do this with drugs nor try to make my service seem like a magic pill by pushing drugs, making guys do hours of cardio, or dieting them to nothing from day 1 just to see fast results for some neat progress photos.

    Ideally, MP will employ this sort of approach for as long as he’s training and rely less on drugs and get more out of them.
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    The TRT really has helped, when I started it in 2017 it changed my life recovering from injuries and surgeries. Then last year I had two major shoulder injuries, not gym related, that set me back further. I decided to try an NPP cycle and it more or less healed my shoulders while I made noticeable progress. Now I'm able to take full advantage of the higher TRT dosages and get things going.
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    That’s what I meant to say, it just came out as garbage on my end lol