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    How is it that top bodybuilders can train 5-6 hours a day and not get injured, obviously it works but I feel like If i were to try that it would lead to an injury. Regardless if they are following a normal 6 day split, how would they work 2-3 muscles for 5-6 hours or if they dont follow splits and just workout every muscle every day then how can they manage to make insane progress and maximize steroid usage with insane training
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    Probably lying about how much they lift
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    They call it hgh and most of them are doing 10+ iu ed
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    They dont train 5-6hrs a day. Thats overinflated b.s. You dont really believe that do you?
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  5. 5-6 hours daily may be a tad exaggerated, but for those that do put in marathon sessions, these guys are seasoned athletes that have been doing this for a very long time.

    With that, they also aren't testing their limitations each time. They have a planned set of attack, just like you and me. Toss in loads of drugs, food till ya' wanna puke and that's about the gist of it.
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    I'm pretty fucking dedicated to my workout sessions but at 2 to 2.5 hours I'm done. The large majority of people I see in the gym spend far less time there. I would say that only about 10% of the people I see at the gym regularly spend as much time as I do there unless they work there.
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    I spent 2-2.5 hours too 6 days a week for two years straght in the past i was training lower volume but that dosen't mean it's optimal
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    I was only making a point about the time. I do see people that spend long periods of time at the gym. And they usually have gigantic gym bags with a picnic setup, wrap and unwrap their wrist after every lift, and take such a long break between sets that to me it seems pointless. It seems like its all a show for some people. Everytime I walk in the door its with purpose.

    If I put in 5-6 hours a day the way I work out I'd absolutely have to abuse a stimulant. I don't think I'd be able to avoid injury, strains, or excessive fatigue at some point. I'm also not running hgh, a gram of juice a day, or eating 6000 calories to cover that amount of time working out.
    How do you work out now? Just curious. Some days I focus high volume, sometimes low, and often times to a point of failure. I try to listen to my body and let it guide me. If I go into a workout with a plan and my body starts running me a different direction I just go with it.
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  9. Michael7

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    If you have a real job and work 10-12 hours a day I wouldn't spend the rest of it working out for 6+ hours .
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    After that much volume because I do high reps lots of set low rest times 30-45 sec after all that time doing this my body burnt out I have to take a week of and now on Monday I switch to high intensity program Dorian Yates style it’s something new to me so much intensity so my body should respond well
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    Because there is also a substantial opioid abuse amongst BBs
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