Training program for 14 year old?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Lex-TTP, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Lex-TTP Junior Member

    Hello everyone: I'm new to this site (well, at least this is my first post) but have been body- building since I've been 18 and lifting weights since about 13. I was ectomorphic and had a hard time putting weight on until I was about 19 when I did my first cycle. I've been on and off ever since (18 years) and know what works and doesn't by now for me. My best friend's 14 year old son I would also classify as ecto and at 5'6, 126 lbs. consumes more food than I've ever seen anyone eat in my life. But still can't put on any weight. He just finished his 8th grade football season and asked me to train him and get him "big" for next season. His father is afraid if I put him on a power-lifting routine that I'll compress his joints. Well, my plan was to have him lift basic (squats, deads, bench) twice a week doing moderate reps (5-8) for first first 8-10 weeks then incorporate a few more movements to cover back, shoulders and arms as well. Kind of a power bodybuilding routine assuming he started to respond to the initial power-lifting routine by both increasing size and strength. Now I'm not sure if that makes sense or would compress his joints as his father suggests. Any thoughts on how to go about training him at 14 to get so size and strength on him without stunting his growth or compressing his joints? Thanks, Joe
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    Check out Mark Rippetoe's starting strength. Best thing for that kid is to develop a good base and good workout habits that'll carry him for the rest of his life. You could tweek this to no end if you wanted to. It's the structure and low overall volume that's important IMO.

    Here is a routine from Mark Rippetoe’s book called “Starting Strength”. You can buy the book at It includes endless useful info that all beginners should learn.

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    Thanks bro. This confirms my theory on starting him off with BASIC powerlifting movements. I will order book but one question I have after looking at reps suggested: how heavy should he go? (i.e. whatever he CAN lift for 5 reps or pick a weight that is moderdate for him?) Again, the concern being joint compression or stunting his growth. Thanks again, Joe
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    combat_action Junior Member

    LOL, I think it's a total myth to think it stunts growth. Lou Ferigno started around 14 years old and he's the tallest in his family now (6'5" or something). Same goes for all the Olympic lifters. It's foolish to think they all started weight lifting once they turned a magical age of 16-18 years old. :D

    Good thread over at midwest: Click here

    In my opinion, I would start him off with light/managable weights and supervise his form for the first however long. For instance, watching his benching ensuring his elbows are tucked, ect. The weight can come in time. Shit, starting off NOW, by the time this kid hits high school, he'll be a wrecking ball.

    I know how kids can get having kids of my own. If he starts getting bored, there's nothing stopping you from making it a little funner by changing the rep ranges, picking different variations of those movements, ect. I think the core of the program doing full body workouts and strictly compound movements is ultimately what matters most.
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    Man if that kid starts training the oly lifts now he will be a hell of a lifter in a few years. I wish I had started at that age. Yes, get Starting Strength and go from there. Even better find a oly coach near you to help train him.


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