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  1. Hey fellas, anyone have an opinion or good training programs for a bulk cycle? Ive ran gamma bomb once and enjoyed it but want to switch it up. Maybe someyhing like PPL? Any and all ideas welcome.

    Cycles gonna be 500 NPP and 600 test c. Maybe Anadrol for weeka 8-12 but havent decided yet.

    Diet is dialed in with @MacBuilt.
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    Lift heavy shit and eat a lot:cool:;) But in all seriousness I don't really believe in set programs. I find it sort of adds an unneeded monotony to training when it should be the opposite. Pick the exercises you like and feel the most, then focus on progressing in them every week. Just my 2 cents, I'm sure others will chime in on something more specific
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  3. Thanks man lol. Us "presidents" gotta look out for each others gains!:D
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    As DP said find something you like and do the most for you. I was never a fan of PPL until I started doing it, now it's my favorite split.
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  5. Sounds like ill have to give it a shot. Any ppl programs to look for or just a generic one?
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    I can set all this up specifically for your needs if you would like me to ;)
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    I have run Meadows PPL programs and loved em. My favorite was Creeping Death 2
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  8. Shameless plug! Haha kidding. I might just do that. Just looking for other opinions as well!
  9. Ive heard a lot of people like creeping death and 2. Just fucking expensive man.
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    DMed you