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    Hi all,

    Two questions?

    1-What did you think about Hypertrophy Program ( new one) by Jeff Nippard?
    Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program

    2-What is your Meadows favorite program (upper/lower)?

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    Jeff's programs are solid and programmed very well.

    For Meadows I always tell people to start with creeping death or Carnage. As far as the best, well that depends on your goals as during a bulk you can half more frequency.
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  3. As stated most of Jeff Nippards programs are solid and well thought out. I have a bunch of his books but have never solely ran a program of his.

    As well as meadows his programs vary and some incorporate various intensity techniques from band work, chains, and even occlusion training. Some are up to 7 days per week depending on your recovery ability and some are only 5. Also some have more of an emphasis on chest or back and some focus more lower body. You’d have to read into them to see what exactly your main focus is. Regardless your whole body is gonna work and grow. Some just have a little extra work added for specific muscle groups. He just recently came out with his first pull/push/legs split Program “Creeping Death 2”. For someone first time into it I would agree with @showstoppa the first “Creeping Death” is a 5 day program that will absolutely test your limits week after week but my second suggestion would be “Gamma Bomb” which is set up to hit chest/back/shoulders twice a week the first half of the program, then a two week deload, then second half hits legs twice. I believe that’s definitely one of his more “moderate” programs. Still tough and challenging by any means I just finished it. But compared to others not so bad.
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    First, thanks for your advise.

    I'm going to read Carnage, Creeping Death (I will wait for Creeping Death 2) and Gamma Bomb so I can do an idea about it.

    5 days program is the best I can do without lose my girlfriend and son :D
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    I'm looking for Carnage (extra legs day for me) and I want set workout days in this way:

    Monday – Legs (heavy)
    Tuesday – Chest/Shoulders (heavy)
    Wednesday – Back (heavy)
    Thursday – Legs (?)
    Friday – Off
    Saturday – Arms
    Sunday – Off

    What did you think?
    How could I set up second legs day?
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  6. You could either do it like that or :
    Monday:legs heavy
    Saturday:legs pump

    If you follow the RPE scale correctly you should be ready to rock again Monday. Could also switch leg pump to Friday and hit it 5 days straight with two off days. Or:
    Monday: legs heavy
    Tuesday: chest/shoulders
    Wednesday: back
    Thursday: off
    Friday: legs pump
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: off

    Second option maybe be more beneficial for you bro. That’s how I had gamma Bomb set up and it worked out very well.
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    Both schedule are right, but it depends on second legs training.

    I could take the second legs workout from Gamma Bomb, then:

    Monday – Legs (heavy) Carnage
    Tuesday – Chest/Shoulders (heavy) Carnage
    Wednesday – Back (heavy) Carnage
    Thursday – Legs (Pump) Gama Bomb
    Friday – Off
    Saturday – Arms Carnage
    Sunday – Off

    What did you think?
  8. Carnage offers a think 4-5 different “optional” leg workouts as well that you can pick and choose from and sort of pick your favorite exercises to do out the them. Gamma Bomb has the workout already set out for you week to week. Regardless I mean I think either or would work out. But, I would definitely take a day off after back, then do your leg pump day, then arms, then a final day off.

    Either option you choose will work just fine. A couple of the optional workouts for carnage may be difficult to do in your gym using giant sets. But the “overall leg focus” workout is straight sets and there’s also two more I believe that are along the same lines. Gamma Bomb also has a few pump workouts throughout the routine that include giant sets, some have supersets. It honestly just Varys week to week.
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    Thanks Four, I have found it!!! Now I'm going to study the schedule but I agree with you, I'll take a day off after back, then leg and arms as weel.
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  10. I definitely think that’s the better route to go. Also, I just finished gamma Bomb. The way he has those leg days set up he has a madness behind why he uses certain exercises the way that he does. So for instance you may really smash quads earlier in the week and hammer slow twitch muscle fibers. So second pump day is gonna be more ham focused, maybe incorporate speed sets and very high rep sets. Where as carnage seems to be just overall heavy the first day. Then you can opt so do anothe overall pump day. So. IMO, if I were you, I would stick to carnage altogether. If your hams or quads are lacking then do that extra focused leg workout the second day of the week. Otherwise do the overall and switch up exercises bc you have the choice to pick!

    Lastly. If you don’t know about peri workout nutrition read up on it ASAP and learn about it before starting the program. Your gonna want to definitely incorporate an intra Shake to help with recovery.. mine normally includes 25-50g cyclic dextrin (50g for legs and back and 25g for other muscle groups), one scoop EAA’s, glutamine, Pink Salt, one scoop BCAA’s. Now. You could probably get away with just the EAA’s and cyclic dextrin or any fast acting carb source. I just like cyclic dextrin because I get absolutely no bloat, it’s not heavy on my stomach whatsoever and doesn’t slow my down one bit. It will also lead to some VERY nasty pumps. Let me know if you have any other questions about it.
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    I thought to take on an extra quads pump leg day (weak point) at Friday with Monday overall heavy leg day and see my recovery.

    I'll stick to Carnage for the rest of the program.

    Now I'm going forward with Wendler 5/3/1 BBB because I would like to increase my strenght on big bodypart.

    In October I'll start with Carnage.

    Thanks Four, you are very dear.
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    What is pink salt for?
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    What free programs do y'all like? I'm about to start the phat program. I'm just not ready to drop $200 on a meadows program.
  14. Unrefined salts like pink sea salt can be beneficial to adrenal and thyroid function. They help offset the effects of caffeine as well from preworkout supps or anything honestly. Also, weall know we need to be hydrated. So we drink water. But drinking too much water in the absence of essential minerals can over dilute our bodies and throw our electrolyte balances off. Adding a bit of pink sea salt will help. Getting adequate amounts of good salt, and the minerals it contains ,helps promote better sleep. Better sleep means a more well rested body ready to attack workouts. Better rest might also lessen the need for big amounts of caffeine through the day.
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  15. The phat program is awesome. I ran it last year. Made solid progress with it. Would definitely run again in the future.
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    I ordered that cyclic dextrin supp you recommended. How much pink salt are you mixing with it?
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  17. To be completely honest with you I don’t measure it exact. But I’d say me personally I put at least a gram in my intra drink. A pinch mixed with my pre workout as well.
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    Gotcha. Just started npp and eq and I don't wanna skimp on the training or nutrition this time around. Still learning but making good progress
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  19. That’s all you can do. Trial and error and read and learn brother.
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    I'm reading about The Gauntlet, very interesting with some modify...

    What did you think?