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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by phoenixcor, Dec 24, 2003.

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    I am working out now with a guy that used to be a very competitive powerlifter, he is 46, drug free and strong as shit.

    We do a light day and heavy days with appropriate assistance work (M,T, off, Th, off Sat, off). He does not do any shoulder or traps work and light bi work, mainly cause he doesn't beleive in it, but he also had a shoulder injury a while ago.

    We workout in the evenings, and I do 16 minute sprint intervals in the mornings. If I were to, in the mornings one day a week, hit shoulders hard, or bi's, traps, (basically work on one muscle group in the morning on an on or off day) should I be concerned about overtraining?

    Say something like heavy bi work in the morning, then heavy chest and tri's in the evening. I know the pro's do this shit, but I ain't turning pro just yet.

    trap work in the morning and squats and back in the evening.

    Just thought I would ask. :rolleyes:
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    do you wanna be a body builder then? If you wanna be a body builder, you probably shouldn't train as a powerlifter.. We do completely differant workouts, and work completely differant exercises and rep schemes, and our meso training cycles are completely differant.

    Things to point out here...

    1, You don't need to do a lot of bi work if you're doing heavy back work (I.E. Bentover barbell rows, deadlifts, seated rows and Heavy pulldowns...

    2, You need to do shoulder work..If your friend is a powerlifter (or former powerlifter) He should know that Shoulder work is very important as it has a direct impact in your ability to bench press, not to mention the importance when it comes to oly lifts. Your shoulders will get worked while benching...but if you wanna make that bench go up, you're gonna wanna make those delts stronger. I can't stress how much a heavy bencher needs good strong rear delts, and good strong front delts enough.

    3. Trap work is important also...It has a direct impact on all three powerlifting exercises. But there is good news here. If you're deadlifting atleast once a week, you're working your traps. Personaly, I think you need to throw in some heavy shruggs every week or every other week to supplement your deadlifts..but that's just me.

    4. ADD a Shoulder and Trap day.. Metal Militia guys (some of the strongest benchers in the world) Advocate one training day a week dedicated to nothing but shoulder and trap work....Chill on the Bi-work...If you want, add a couple of sets of barbell curls and hammer curls once a week to your back day, and that will give them all the stimulation you need.

    I hope this helps...

    Take care,

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    thanks, that does help. I am 5'9 208 lbs, about 10% bf. I care more about overall strength than looks. I hope to be a reasonably competitive junior lifter by the fall next year. Thats were I am headed.

    I total just over 1350 lbs now, so I got a ways to go, but progress has been solid.

    Any other advice is appreciated
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    Phreezer, would you mind posting an example of an average training week for yourself? if its not too much trouble. And to be clear I am only interested in powerlifting, not bodybuilding.

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    Phreezer made some excellent points regarding shoulder, trap and bi work. For a long time I bought into Poliquins idea of not working shoulders if you do a low of pushing and pulling movements. My delt development was terrible. Once I added in some militaries (or similar), then I was finally able to get some growth there. If you are a PLer and want a big bench, you NEED big shoulders. The main joint during bench is your shoulders and you dont want that to be a weak area. Focus some time on delt/rotator work, add in some direct trap workout and hitting bis 2x/wk with low-moderate volume would be fine.
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    I appreciate the feedback, I will get this incorporated.
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    Big bump for Phreezer! Excellent post!