Training while cutting.

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    Hey guys, just had some questions on how to train while cutting and going to share what I've been doing so far and how its been working....

    This is all natural training btw, not on anything currently...
    Ok so currently I'm in a 500 calories deficit, 4 weeks in.

    I do cardio in the morning, fasted, maybe 2 times a week.
    My workouts usually consists of heavy compound movements usually in the 3-6 reps range followed by some light stair-stepper cardio afterwards. I'm lifting heavy in a low rep range to preserve the muscle mass I currently have...

    I guess my question is how much of this should I be doing?? How many sets of exercises/how many exercises will suffice? For I have chest and my workout would look like this.....

    Bench press 5 sets of 3-5 controlled reps.
    Incline Dumbbell press 3 sets of 5 reps
    Cable curls 3 sets 5-8reps
    Hammer curls 2 sets 5-8 reps
    Dips 3 sets 5-8 reps
    Overhead cable extension 2 sets 5-8reps
    Followed by low intensity step mill burning 150-200 cals.

    The main reason I ask about the lifting technique used is I feel as if I could be doing too much or too little which may hinder my results in some way.
    Currently lifting 5 days a week with those other 2 days being fasted cardio days...
    So far I've seen quite a significant change in my body, being that I seem to be losing fat while retaining most of my muscle mass...only noticeable muscle loss has been in my arms :(

    Each week I've been adjusting my calories/macros to the new body weight.
    This week will be
    236g Protein
    85g Fat
    71g Carbs-mostly consumed before/after my workouts not counting fasting days.
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    +1 on this^^^ I injure myself or get sick everytime I'm in a deficit trying to cut:confused:.
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  3. You're scaring me with those them 5 rep curls there m8
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    Looks good man! I don’t see any reference to intermittent fasting but it has really helped me cut up without a ton of cardio.
    I’ve been fasting from 11pm to 11am for close to 4 months now. Keep on top of your macros but don’t let the scale control you.
    It will play with you mind! Progress pics and the mirror are what should be your motivation not the scale..
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    @weighted chinup Reason being for low rep-heavy weight is its been shown to preserve muscle mass while in a cutting phase, plenty of studies have shown this for the natural athlete. Doing high reps is actually counter intuitive when in a calorie deficit and trying to preserve your muscle mass-training naturally that is. I guess my big question would be should I be adding in more exercises.

    @Morefyah Honestly, I've never tried out fasting...I will give it a shot/look into it more.
    I know what you mean by the scale dilemma as well haha, I use to be there for sure...Look at the scale and saw I put on 5 pounds, but I looked like shit. Definitely agree on not letting the scale run you at all...I really go based off looks and I check in every now and then on the scale to make sure I'm actually losing the weight/gaining in a bulk/cut phase, but its definitely not the determining factor.
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    @weighted chinup is not saying don't lift heavy. He is saying lifting that heavy on barbell curls puts you at Risk for injury.

    And rep range doesn't matter a ton, it's about the intensity and gaining strength in the particular rep range that is best for certain lifts. For furls thats usually in the 8 to 15 range.
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    Ahhh gotcha @weighted chinup they are controlled curls though, no crazy swinging or anything lol but I should take injuries into more of a consideration.

    @showstoppa I honestly think rep range matters a lot when cutting naturally and trying to preserve muscle by creating a great source of stimulus from the heavy weight..your muscle fibers aren’t expanding during the tearing process, but tearing and not being repaired as fast due to the calorie deficit and lack of nutritients. The book bigger leaner stronger talks about this concept and how high rep range during cutting phase is ineffective with studies to back it up. Great book, read it if you haven’t..I don’t think we’ll agree on this point though haha. No disrespect intended.
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    showstoppa is right. It’s not just about the reps but the intensity too. Lifting low reps with low intensity, low percentage of your max, isn’t going to do much. That goes for the main compound lifts. Accessory lifts like bicep curls should be programmed differently, I like 8-12reps for lifts like that
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    Oh yeah I don’t disagree at all about the intensity part. I believe high intensity, heavy weight, and low reps for compound exercises is key. I guess I don’t know about accessory but taking injury into account that would make more sense on doing little bit higher reps on those movements. I will probably change/look into increasing my rep range on the accessories just a bit..but more so probably the 8-10 range I will stick with. Due some of the advice from you guys. Just wanting to help& be helped on things I don’t know. That’s what it’s all about guys.
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    I've always forgotten about max weights for low reps and trained solely for pump. Here and there I'll do something heavy but 80% of the time I do what feels right. No calories means no gains in most cases, so I don't risk injury
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    I have read bigger leaner stronger, the studies Matthew's cites are based on the he high rep for fat loss method. And yes lower reps are better for maintining muscle to a certain extent when cutting.

    What you don't understand is there is no difference in cutting naturally vs enhanced to the intelligent trainee. Sure enhanced allows you more leeway with lowering calories but that should be done slowly anyways to maintain progression
    And lifting heavy is a realitive term. A heavy 8 rep ball busting set is still heavy a set of 20 rep Widowmaker style squats is mother fucking heavy.

    The key to cutting and maintaining muscle mass are

    1. Lift heavy and with great intensity
    2. Keep protein extremely high
    3. Don't overdo the volumeyyou do not want to cut into recovery as much as possible as you are already going to have a hareder time in this area.
    4. Don't over do the cardio
    5. Layer your approach through progression when. You stall. Example you stall after 5 weeks of diet alone. Don't lower the calories yet, add 20-30 min of fasted walking 3 times a week. When you stall again up it to 30 min six times a week, the. 45, then 60. The. Throw in one hiit session. The. Lower calories and repeat. It gives you room to lower instead of just dropping calories to shit.

    This shit isn't hard, just have to think it out instead of just doing what somebody says.
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    Step 1: don't do cardio
    Step 2:
    Step 3: You're ripped and shredded bro
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    Ever thought about becoming a coach?
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