Training while Sick?

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  1. Been fighting a bad cold or worse for a week. I’m nearing mid point in tpp/np/bold cycle. Not wanting to stall out. Definitely fever. Doc threw a zpack at me. Pushing through training. Sweating a lot more, working slower, a bit weaker and maybe one less set per exercise. Getting gassed but pushing through. Not exactly feeling better. Now wondering if I should lay low for a few days and also not infect others.

    What do you do when you’re sick regarding training, and why?
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    Why stress the system further, when it's already bogged down?
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  3. Cough is keeping me up, and I’ve taken everything otc
    My doc even prescribed some low dose trazadone for sleep, which works pretty well.

    Idk if it’s just gonna run it’s course no matter what I do or don’t do.

    But yes, common sense supports your rec
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    Best thing to do, and I did make the mistake of keeping going while I was battling a lung infection this past winter and it did take a toll on me as I wound up in the ER at one point with fluid in the lungs. Lesson learned.

    Working out sick is asking for trouble, and sleep and fluids go a long way to crushing the illness. I noted that the worst place to catch a cold or an infection is in the gym of all places so that's why during flu season I bring lysol wipes.

    Treat the downtime as a deload and when you are well again go back to your training.
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    Man takin a few days off of training altogether will get you feelin alot better an it wont affect your cycle as bad as you think brotha. Get some well needed rest so the body can do what its best at ("healing itself") withou anymore stress on it than it needs. Hope ya get well soon. The shits goin roun. My whole family just got over it smh lol.
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  6. Thanks Skull. I have hard time sitting down and training is my main addiction. Feel kinda agitated when I take time off. But I have been feeling guilty going into my gym in that I’m currently basically a disease vector. At least I’ve been wiping the shit down thoroughly after using equipment.
    I guess the whole sweating the shit out is just more bro-lore
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    Oh yes those Z-paks are a one of those after I went to ER and it knocked down the infection quite fast. Within 2 weeks after I took the Z-pak the infection was gone, and a lung capacity eval showed much of the capacity has returned.

    I also tend to keep going...and when something knocks me down I get right back up.
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    I am not a doctor. In fact, I'm stupid as fuck when it comes to responsible management of my health.

    When I get the flu, if I'm completely devastated, I sleep.

    If I'm well enough to wonder if I could lift, I lift. I pop a Modafinil or Armodafinil, chug a coffee or monster, and get to it. If I fall out after 10 or 30min, that's 10 or 30min of lifting that I would have otherwise missed. There is absolutely no doubt that I am not getting any physical benefit from this. Psychologically, lifting when I feel like shit galvanizes my resolve to stick with this shit.

    CAVEAT: home gym master race. If you are sick as fuck and go to a commercial gym, sneezing and coughing on everyone and everything, well .... I'm not one to judge, but some folks might see that as fucked up.
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    If i can lift I lift. If it’s the flu or something more serious then I rest up a few days and lift when possible.
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    I would only lift when I feel strong enough to do so, and only go very light at first. Trying to pull heavy deads when you aren't 100% is going to not end very well, like my dumbass self did after my last bout with flu I attempted a 405 gassed out quick and could not complete the lockout. Had almost passed the fuck out, so I called it a wrap and left the gym.

    Moral of the story is if you are not sure about going to the gym, don't. Wait a few more days so that the chance of infecting anyone else has passed and that you are at 100%. Food, fluids and rest are foremost as well.