Transfering vial rubber piece , vacuum question

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    Was wondering after I use the vacuum can I just open the rubber off the vial instead of pinning it with a bigger draw and smaller syringe or will it get contaminated I've had a few issues with the rubber piece falling out in to the vial so yeh
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    More chance for contamination
    OTOH amps are meant to be opened and there are no horror stories.

    But amps are single use. Are you going to inject everything in the vial at once?

    For ultimate sterility, you can open the vial and work next to a bunsen burner, or maybe a propane torch on the cheap.

    After the disinfectant has dried completely, use an igniter to light the Bunsen burner. Adjust the flame so that a blue cone can be seen in the middle of the flame. The flame is now producing an updraft, or air convection currents in which warm air rises up and away from the flame (Figure 1). As heat rises, microorganisms and dust particles are forced upward and away from the immediate work area. Work slowly, carefully, and deliberately at all times within this area created by the Bunsen burner, referred to as a sterile field. Keep the Bunsen burner on during the entire procedure.
    Aseptic Laboratory Techniques: Volume Transfers with Serological Pipettes and Micropipettors
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    On the cheap a propane torch works well
    but the flame sits higher.


    Please be careful so that it doesn't tip over
    or buy a stand for it


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    So no way I'd be able to take it out I guess without this methods
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    You say some weird shit man but I think I'm starting to like you that's interesting I never thought about it
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