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    Hey all just a quick question.

    Firstly have not started anything just working through logistical stuff and making sure I know wtf I am doing first.

    My planned first cycle would be just Test E 500/week. Would like to pin 250 2x/wk. However travel for work 9 on 5 off and prefer not to fly with it. The question is should would you pin 500 1x/wk meaning no worry about travelling with it. Or another thought I had was pin 250 Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday and repeat? Looking at second idea instead of getting 1000 in 2 weeks only getting 750.

    Just looking for thoughts, as mentioned still not ready for the first cycle still reading through the posts here educating myself.

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    It's going to be challenging to go nine days without a pin and keep reasonable levels. I am assuming this is airplane travel.
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    Yes it is airplane travel, I should have explained more. I am at work 9 days and will have my gear at work it’s the 5 off at home I won’t have my gear
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    That won't be so bad then. Pin 500 before going home. 250 when you return to work. And another 250 on day four back at work. It's not ideal, but it will work. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
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