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    3l0H$$V Junior Member

    traveling from South America to Washington DC. Got some stealth packaging to take. Not sure if there's a risk or if I should take the syringes and have it all ready. Thnx
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    Maktub Member

    You can buy. Syringes here in USA . No need to carry all those needles in your luggage
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    bigrobbie Member

    Guess he appreciated the info...thank you on his behalf, lol! :)
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Come on vacation and leave on probation. Coming from South America I would not bring anything.

    A personal supply might not get you time, but it may make it more difficult to return.

    I could walk into practically any gym in America and find someone who could help out if I was looking for gear.
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    This thread began nearly two months ago.
    No word since...

    @3l0H$$V what happened?
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    legendary Member

    Don't drop the soap
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